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Devotee Speaks:

Jai Shree Ram
Jai Sita Maiya
Jai Bajrangbali

My question is related to Shukracharya, the guru of asurrahs. I knew that Shukracharya used to organise demons and use them against Gods. But I didn't know that he used even Ravana against Ram in Tretayug and also in Dwaparyug he pitched the mighty Bhisma and all great warriors of that time against Krishna.

But I got astonished to know that even in Kaliyug Shukracharya is very much active in his evil deeds and is waiting to trap Lord Vishnu’s upcoming Avatar Kalki into his most sophisticated evil design. His design is so evil that even lord Vishnu is finding difficult to incarnate this time. Really, it's shocking to know this.

Does Shukracharya exist in all four Yugs? Even lord Vishnu comes to earth for the protection of Dharma in different forms in different Yugs for a specified period of time, how does Shukracharya exist in all four Yugs i.e. isn't he bound by time? Really, it's shocking to know that he is present in all ages. His only work is to spread evils and he has been doing this in all the ages. One more thing I would like to ask is where he is in Kaliyug? From where does he operate in this modern age?

Why doesn't lord Vishnu directly kill or finish Shukracharya instead of killing his disciples like Ravana, etc? If Shukracharya is finished, then, there would be no one to organise asurrahs and use them in spreading evils in the world. And also, the world would be a better place to live in without asurrahs.

Please forgive me if I would have asked anything wrong.

Truly speaking, after connecting with Setuu, I am getting real knowledge. More I get, more I want to get and so many questions arise in my mind.

Thank you Mathangs.
Thank you Setuu.

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

Buy an apple and keep it for few days. It will rot in few days. Why? Why can't the apple remain fresh forever? Take any thing around you. Everything is decaying around you. Because this Srishti is because of positive as well as negative powers. Opposites give birth. Opposites create. Opposites cause motion. Opposites make the world move. Take a bicycle. It cannot move on a slippery surface. There has to be a friction for the bicycle to move. Such is the nature! Such is the Srishti!

Lord Vishnu is supreme manifestation of positive powers and Shukra is supreme manifestation of negative powers. Shukra is everywhere. Lord Vishnu is also everywhere. Take anything around you, Shukra is there! When Shukra is eliminated, Srishti will cease to exist.

You must know the "Opposites" in order to rise above the opposites. Therefore learning about Shukra is part of supreme knowledge. Stay connected, there is a lot to know yet.


Devotee Speaks:

Dear Sirs,

Via last mail I asked "If Sh. Hanuman Ji is an avtar of lord Shiva", I found below link where website is saying YES.

http:// hindi. insistpost. com/19 -avatars -of-bhagwan -shiv/10/

Also want to share one thing with your good selves as I think you people has a better understanding of LORD than me:
I have an younger brother who is specially gifted with IQ level equivalent to a 10 years old kid, he is 33 years old now. My parents both mother and father have suffered a lot because of the same. Specially my mother, who alone is taking care of the KID for last 33 years.

All the time they are worried about his future. What will happen after them? Who will take care of KID? Even trying to marry him, to ensure that he has someone to take care after them.

I have said numerous times that I am here, and would take care of him as long as I am alive. But that s not enough to convince them. There worry is constant and rather increasing with time.

I have no clue what to do to ensure comfort level of my parents. All are god gifts, my parents, my brother, my wife, my son. And I am more than happy to accept my lord's gifts.

Can you please suggest a better way out to avoid this continuous tension of my parents.

I would be highly obliged for your guidance.

Best regards,

Shishir Vats
Delhi - India

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

Ancient knowledge which is available presently is not the original knowledge. It has been interpreted multiple times and has been distorted. Hence we would not like to say anything on the basis of distorted knowledge. We would wait for deciphering of Lord Hanuma's Kaliyuga words regarding his relationship with Lord Shiva.

When Lord Ram left home for Vanvaas of 14 years, he didn't do so to "ensure comfort level" of His parents. In fact, He left His parents grieving. His father Dashratha left the mortal body in grief. Lord Ram left for Vanvaas in order to follow His Dharma. You should also follow only your Dharma. Comfort levels of other souls is not in your hand. You may left the path of Dharma if you try to ensure comfort levels. After all DhritRashtra became the cause of Mahabharata war just to ensure comfort level of his son. Hence, focus only on your Dharma. ...