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Devotee Speaks:

Dear Team

Jai Shri Ram
Jai Hanumanji.

I have a very peculiar request to make. But I sincerely seek the guidance of Sadguru Hanumanji to mend my nature here.

In spite of worshipping Sadguru Hanumanji and Sri Ram, I am a very timid person. Personally I feel that I am angry sort. but my nature is very suppressible. I am unable to pull out the anger.

Example - These days Road rages are very common incidents. for no fault of ours we encounter some quarrelsome and highly abusive person who reprimands us with out any reason. I feel extremely angry at these things but my timid nature urges me to escape from such a scene and avoid confrontations and quarrels. Although once I am away from there, my body will be trembling with rage and kind of fear of consequences.

This holds good in most of confrontational scenarios like office, personal etc. After the incident for long time I remain disturbed and upset over my timidity. Thinking and rethinking of the consequences and the untold inconveniences, I avoid most of confrontations and quarrels with anybody. I feel that I am becoming week because of this.

I pray to Sadguru Hanumanji to mend my nature in this regard. I do not know how I can become fearless. Please advise me on building courage.

Waiting for your response.

Jai Sri Ram
Jai Hanumanji.

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

When your body-mind does something which your soul doesn't approve, then body starts trembling/ behaving strangely. Your soul doesn't desire conflict. When Asurrahs residing in abusive people contaminate your mind, your body-mind gets enraged and your soul stops recognizing/accepting enraged body-mind.

Lord Hanuman cannot take your soul backward. It has come to this level after many births. Making it desire conflict means taking it backward.

The alternative solution is to make use of Asurrahs. When you need to confront a person, let your soul fly away from your body-mind for some time. Let an Asurrah take over your body-mind and handle the situation. Then you will find yourself more courageous. Once the situation is over, you may return to your good-nature self and your soul will come back. But make sure that the Asurrahs do not contaminate you. Just use them like a tool and throw away once used.



Devotee Speaks:

Pranam Mathangs and Setuu masters

Is everything predestined or not?
Do astrology and planets effect the lives of people?
Bcoz the life we are experiencing right now is due to past karmas

Bcoz if we take great people like Aadi Shankaracharya or Gautama or Ramakrishna paramahamsa
When they were born planets are in extraordinary position
That means planets effect humans lives
They are born to show the right path to the humanity not to lead ordinary human lives

Bcoz to my understanding what I understood was

If jaya vijaya (Gate keepers of vaikunta) were not cursed
Ramayana and mahabharata wouldn't have happened?
Bcoz due to the curse of them they were born as
Rakshasas and lord vishnu has to take birth and to kill them

This is how their destiny was planned
To take birth as enemies of vishnu in 3 lives and to be defeated in the hands of vishnu
after that they will be back again in vaikunta
Here there 3 lives was pre-planned

In ramayana there are many people Said to ravana and vibishna also said that
To return seeta back to Rama
He didn't listen

He didn't listen because due to his samskara?
Or his destiny was planned to defeat under lord vishnu(Lord Rama)?

And again in bhagavatam also

When narada visited sage vyasa ashram, vyasa was unhappy
Narada asked vyasa why he was so sad after writing the mahabharatam also
then vyasa said
" I wrote 4 Vedas and 18 Purana's and mahabharata and iam still not satisfied
My heart is bursting with grief
O sage tell me a way to get peace?
Then sage narada replied
Though you have written all
But you didn't write about Lord vishnu
Who he is?
Where did he come from?
You should write all these
Then you will be happy
Mediatate on lord vishnu and you will know the whole story of bhagavatam
Then you teach the whole bhagavata Purana to your son and he will teach to the king parikshit who is in fear of death (Here narada is saying that king parikshit will listen bhagavat Purana who is in FEAR OF DEATH)

The incident happened when Parikshit went hunting. The King, after pursuing a specific prey in the forest for a long time, had become tired and hungry. This was when he came across the hermitage of rishi Shamika. Unaware that the rishi was under a vow of silence, the King enquired about the prey but the rishi answered not. Enraged by the rishi’s silence, Parikshit placed a dead snake on the rishi’s shoulder with the end of his bow. The rishi still did not protest. Observing this, Parikshit became repentant and walked away.

The rishi’s son Shringi, who himself was highly accomplished in penances, came to know of the insult meted out to his father through Krsha, son of another rishi. An enraged Shringi cursed that the King will meet his death by the live snake Takshaka in seven days

Though parikshit was a noble king but at that time he lost his cool and placed a dead snake on Rishis shoulders

Is it happened? Bcoz as narada said it is destined to happen?
Or is it happened Due to parikshits anger?

Bcoz narada clearly says to vyasa that
You teach this bhagavat Purana to your son and from him the first person who will hear this Purana is king parikshit WHO IS IN FEAR OF DEATH

And It is said that Lord Brahma will write our destinies and he will fix our life span for some X years?

When we go to some Astrologer by looking at horoscope he says that

You will become this you Will become that
You have this mahardasha running that running etc etc

Some will happen some will not happen

And lord Krishna in bhagavatgeeta said that
In chapter 3 sloka 27

प्रकृते: क्रियमाणानि गुणै: कर्माणि सर्वश: |
अहङ्कारविमूढात्मा कर्ताहमिति मन्यते || 27||

All activities are carried out by the three modes of material nature. But in ignorance, the soul, deluded by false identification with the body, thinks itself to be the doer.

In this sloka lord Krishna evidently makes clear that
This world is running by three modes of material nature The fool only thinks that he is the doer of all activities but a learned ones are aware he is not the doer this is all just illusion

And in 2chapter 47 sloka it is said that

कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन |
मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि || 47 ||

You have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, nor be attached to inaction

Here Krishna says that you have the right to do the duty but giving results is in my hands
He clearly says that Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities
It's Iam who giving the results

And in bhagavatgeeta in slokas chapter 9 sloka 18 and chapter 10 sloka 8 it is said that

He is saying Iam the whole
Creator and destroyer
Everything happening in this entire universe is happening with my will

गतिर्भर्ता प्रभु: साक्षी निवास: शरणं सुहृत् |
प्रभव: प्रलय: स्थानं निधानं बीजमव्ययम् || 18||
BG 9.18: I am the supreme goal of all living beings, and I am also their sustainer, master, witness, abode, shelter, and friend. I am the origin, end, and resting place of creation; I am the storehouse and eternal seed.

अहं सर्वस्य प्रभवो मत्त: सर्वं प्रवर्तते |
इति मत्वा भजन्ते मां बुधा भावसमन्विता: || 8||
BG10.8 I am the origin of all creation. Everything proceeds from me. The wise who know this perfectly worship me with great faith and devotion.

He says in gita that
I know the past
I know the present
I know the future
But no one knows me

Bcoz if everything is not pre-destined
How would God know the future?

But some say everything is in our hands
We are the creator of our own destinies?

What is true ?

Does really planets and horoscopes effect our lives?
And do our lives are pre-destined?
Or we have the destiny in our hands?

Sorry for the long question

But please reply

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

Many devotees have asked similar questions and it has been answered multiple times. Please go through the answers other devotees got.

To summarize:

This universe can be seen/experienced/observed from many levels and from infinite perspectives. While pursuing an answer, you must keep the observer in mind because when observer or point of observation changes, everything else changes.

If you see this universe from the perspective of Gods, yes, everything is pre-destined.

But when you come down to the level of humans and do an action, at that point you have the freewill and you have the power to shape your own destiny.

When you are level with the Rishis, they are in middle of ordinary humans and Gods. They can see their own future from perspective of Gods, and can plan their actions at level of humans. When they do something, they get both the feelings. They feel that they are doing action at their own will and at the same time they feel that what they are doing is pre-destined. It happens at the same time. So their knowledge about future does not affect their freewill or vice versa.


Devotee Speaks:

!!Jai Shri Ram!!
!!Jai hanuman ji!!

Respected setuu masters

Kindly guide me as i am bit confused regarding my dreams.i am frequently dreaming of hanuman ji,and two days before i had dream in which there was a saint organising for some kind of pooja,and somebody was chanting "jai shri ram".when the person chanting "jai shri ram",my soul was experiencing strange feeling,i was feeling like my soul was flying out of my body.The person was chanting "jai shri ram" was not clearly visible to me but i was sure in my dream that he was my guru hanuman ji.The dream was like real but it was a mind is not able to bear such dreams.Plz settle my mind with your divine words.ll

"Jai shri ram".

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

We advise devotees not to try to do postmortem of dreams. If it is a good dream and you do postmortem, you may waste an opportunity to realize that dream in real world. If it is a bad dream and you do postmortem of it, you recycle your bad desires which may result in a bad reality next time.

Do not try to understand dreams. Just let them be,


Devotee Speaks:

Respected Soul,

I have some confusion about Shri Hanuman Ji “Puja Vidhi Process”.

As per Setuu website Mathang use mantra (Posted in Website) to calling hanuman ji.

But my soul is thinking that this knowledge give to Mathang by hanuman ji for their worship or calling.

Is it right if we use same mantra for calling hanuman ji ?

And in second hand In Hindu religion (Very old religion) process of worship or calling is totally different.

Many very lucky soul have got hanuman ji darshan from Hindu religion.

Which (from both Mathang Style and Hindu religion Style) is right for worship and Dharshan of Hanuman Ji?

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

We have published only 3 lines of Mantra with permission of Lord Hanuman. After that we didn't get the permission probably because people were misusing the Mantra. We will release it fully if and when we get His permission. Most probably the devotees who sincerely read the chapters will be eligible for the Mantra. We suppose we won't get permission to publish it for public in general.

Hinduism consists of Guru Traditions. Mathangs is one of the Guru traditions, the difference is that here Guru is Lord Hanuman Himself. Most of the Guru Paramparas have been lost. If your family has its Guru Parampara intact, you should follow your Guru Parampara.


Devotee Speaks:

Jai Hanuman,

Sir, How Can I realise My Soul. Means How can we Know that this particular voice is our Soul voice or it is only my Mind Voice.

Setu Speaks:
Divine Soul, Your mind may get thoughts from two sources - (1) Maya or the external world (2) Your soul. When your mind is directed by thoughts from your soul, you are on right path. Otherwise Maya has you trapped. To know if a thought is sourced from Soul or Maya, just find out whether it has been originated from something in external world or Maya. If it hasn't originated from Maya, it has come from soul. Now here is the tricky part. Originating and projecting are two different things. Your mind may get a thought from soul and then project it to be originated from Maya. Such a thought would be called right because it has originated from soul, but later got projected on Maya. You need to ponder and practice in order to be able to differentiate. Blessings
Devotee Speaks:

Jai hanuman.
I am devotee of hanuman ji
And have complete faith in my lord (my babaji)
I hv many times experienced his presence n his mirecals in my life.
Many strange things keep happening in my life.
Although I am aware that this are negative energies which r harming me.
I hv seen hurdels in performing prayers n pooja.
All my life this ws happening but that time I ws nt aware of real cause.
Now slowly I hv started knowing the things.
I wanted to do my navratra pooja with full rituals n dedication
But just a day before something happened.
My right hand elbow which ws already injured 3 month back .
Ws finally recovering.
But on 30 th September 2016.
I ws in kitchen just switching of the lights after my work ws over
Some unusual happen
My elbow hit the wall in a way which is nt possible.
N again my elbow ws injured.
That same day
Once again while working in kitchen.
I felt somebody did it.
My elbow got hit with very fast speed to some vessel .
N now after that .
I ws nt able to perporm any durga pooja.
Plz .
Help me.
As if why this is happening.
Forth time I am hurt at same place in my elbow.
I feel that this r negative energies who don't want me to pray my lord hanuman.

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

These are Asurrahs, You need to know them to ward them off.

When you get anxious about their little disturbances, they get more reasons to overpower you. There is a plenty of information about Asurrahs in the chapters published here. Know their nature to fight their nuisance. In short, you need to make them feel that you are not bothered about the obstructions they create. When they fail to make you worried, they will fly away from you.


Devotee Speaks:

respected setuu masters,
your chapters all the times brings us more closer to the reality.where we are living,what we are doing looking like a play and reality is something different.Now I find myself more doubtful about myself.what is to be done,how I can make myself able to find my lord? these questions make me more restless.I find that what I am doing in my life is waste.But I am a soldier so can't quite my service.planning for Sadhna after my retirement.sir I need your giidelines.please help me,so that I can find myself and purpose of my life.
sir, one more question please tell us about Mata Durga.holy festival of Navratri is allready making us blessed and I want to the facts what Mahaguru Hanuman told about Mata Durga.It is my humble request.I have heard many things but I believe mahaguru.please let me be blessed with his kripa.

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

We are mortals doing the holy work assigned to us. Therefore, do not seek our guidance, seek guidance of Lord Hanuman. Keeping reading His words, you will find the way.

To know about Devi Durga, please read this article:


Devotee Speaks:

Dear Setuu team

Jai Sri Ram
Jai Sadguru Hanuman

I seek guidance on coping with intense guilt stemming out of mistakes during worship.

The incident is that during Navratri, we have a family custom of worshipping Durga mata by installing the Garba pot. We have been doing this for many years
This time a strange incident occurred. On the second day of Pooja before Aarti the Garba pot slipped from its installed position and fell on ground and the Garba Jyoti and content also got scattered on ground. As the pot was made of metal it was not damaged. We prepared the pot again and reinstalled it in its position. And after offering our Pooja we completed the aarti.

Since we are strong worshipers of Goddess Durga we are afraid if we have offended the goddess and this guilt is too painful. We seek guidance from Sadguru Hanumanji that if such incidents happen which causes stress to us, how to cope with them. Also do such incidents indicate any kind of omen for the family.

With this submit ourselves to the holy feet of Goddess Durga, Sri Rama and Sadguru Hanumanji and apologize for our mistakes and seek protection from them.

Please guide us in this regard.

Waiting for your reply

Jai Sri Ram
Jai Hanumanji


Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

This only signifies that something had to be cleaned from the pot of your collected past Karma. Gods have executed whatever had to be. There is nothing ominous in it. There is no reason to be guilty about it.


Devotee Speaks:

मेरे गुरुदेव हनुमानजी को उनके श्रीचरणों में इस आत्मा का प्रणाम !!
सभी सेतु संतो और मतगो को भी इस आत्मा का प्रणाम स्वीकार हो !!
मेरे मन में 21 वा अध्याय पढने के बाद एक प्रश्न उठा है कि जब एक देह गर्भ में पल रही होती है तो उसमे क्या आत्मा का प्रवेश हो चूका होता है अगर जन्म लेने कि तुरंत बाद प्रवेश लेती है तो फिर वो देह गर्भ में हलचल केसे करती है (अल्ट्रासाउंड में ,और डाक्टरों द्वारा कम्प्यूटर निरीक्षण में हलचल का आना ) जेसे कि बताया गया है कि किसी भी देह में आत्मा नही होती है तो वो एक सास लेती हुई ( एक तरह से कोमा ) देह होती है मतलब उसका कोई मूमेंट नही होता है !
एक बार पुनः गुरुदेव और सभी संतो के श्रीचरणों में इस आत्मा का प्रणाम !!!

Setu Speaks:

जब आप सो रहे होते हैं और स्वपन देख रहे होते हैं तब भी कभी कभी आपकी देह में हलचल होती है | उसी प्रकार जो आत्मा नया जीवन लेने वाली होती है , वह आत्मा स्वपनलोक में अपने पिछले जन्मों की इच्छाओं का निस्तारण कर रही होती है ( वे अटकी हुई इच्छाएं जो नया जीवन लेने में बाधा पहुंचाती हैं ) जिसके कारण कभी कभी उसकी नई विकसित हो रही देह में हलचल होती हैं |

Devotee Speaks:

Pranams and many thanks.

We in Maanavloka are going through experiences, or karmic effects, as wished by our deep seated soul. We do not remember what were the wishes of the soul, it is only that we experience it. We experience our wishes coming true in swapnaloka, but again after waking up we desire for the same thing, hence perpetually we are caught up in Maanavaloka to seek out those desires coming true.

Wanted to clarify my understanding that, for a soul it is easier to experience its desires in swapnaloka and in waking hours (Maanavloka) stop desiring or seeking materialistic things and in this way it will be easier for the soul to achieve moksha.

Question is can bad karmic effects also be experienced by the soul in swapnaloka, as nightmares, hence they do not manifest in Maanavloka. Are there any examples of people who have had a huge bad karmic debt, who experienced these through swapnaloka and achieved Moksha.

SriRamaDhootam Sharanam Prapadhye

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

SwapanLoka is a place where pending desires are purged, not pending Karmas.

Moksha is attained when both desires and Karmas are cleared. Karmas cannot be cleared in Swapanloka, only desires can.


Devotee Speaks:

जय श्री राम
जय श्री हनुमान
मातंग ऋषिओं को मेरा प्रणाम एवं नमन
मैं लगभग तीन महीने से ॐ मंत्र का उच्चारण कर रहा हूँ। परन्तु मुझे इसका सही उच्चारण नहीं पता। अगर मैं इसे तेज ध्वनि में उच्चारण करता हूँ, तो इसका अलग प्रभाव दिखता है। पर यदि धीमी आवाज में उच्चारण करता हूँ तो इसका अलग प्रभाव दिखता है।
मैं अपने आप ही ओम मंत्र का उच्चारण करने लगा था। मुझे पता है कि ये सब श्री हनुमान जी की कृपा है। ओम मंत्र की महत्ता का मुझे पहले पता नहीं था। लेकिन जबसे मैंने इसका उच्चारण आरंभ किया तब से मैं ऐसे अनुभव किया कि उसे शब्दों में नहीं बता सकता। इतना कह सकता हूँ कि ये मंत्र हमें ईश्वर के करीब ले आता है।
कृपया मुझे बताये इस मंत्र के बारे बतायें। क्या श्री हनुमान जी ने कभी इसकी उत्पत्ति के बारे में कुछ बताया है।
कृपया मुझे इस मंत्र के उच्चारण का सही तरीका बतायें।
जय सीता राम
जय हनुमान
अपनी कृपा बनायें रखें।

Setu Speaks:

दिव्य आत्मस्वरूप ,

हनुमान जी ने विश्व की हर चीज के बारे में विस्तार से बताया है लेकिन उनकी लीलाओं को समझने में हमें समय लग रहा है | आप आने वाले अध्यायों में धीरे धीरे विश्व का सारा ज्ञान प्राप्त करेंगे |


Devotee Speaks:

प्रणाम बाबा हनुमान जी बाबा कल जो अध्धाय पढ़ा था उस मई विकर्म और कुकर्म का वर्णन किया था , तो हे भगवन विकर्म और कुकर्म क्या है । प्रभु इसके बारे में ज्ञान देकर मेरा भ्र्म मिटाये सहायता कर प्रभु

Setu Speaks:

उदाहरण :

स्वयं अथवा अपनों के फायदे के लिए कभी बुरा कर्म कर देना हुआ विकर्म |

किसी को हानि पहुँचाने में आनंद की अनुभूति करना हुआ कुकर्म |

Devotee Speaks:

Pranam mathangs and Setuu masters

In Chapter 21, Lord hanuman mentioned about various categories of bad karma.
what type of bad karmas falls under sukarma category and vikarma category.
I want to know much about those two categories with some examples.

Jai shri ram.

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

Sometimes you do bad Karma to benefit yourself or your loved ones. These are examples of Vikarma. They can be cancelled out by doing good Karma.

Sometimes you do bad Karma to hurt others and get sadistic pleasure out of it. These are Kukarma. Hurting animals and week people for sadistic pleasure also comes in this category. You need to suffer in order to destroy Kukarma.


Devotee Speaks:

There are some events which when happen, I feel that I knew that situation of the event before hand. This feeling I had from child hood. Pls help me know why does that happen?
For example : 4 relatives of mine including me are sitting over a cup of tea and discussing something. When the event is happening, I feel that I knew this situation. I asked my Maa in childhood and she also had that feeling.....but reason remains unknown.

Setu Speaks:

Mathangs have this knowledge that when Lord Vishnu looks in eyes of Devi Lakshami in Vaikuntham, some souls in mortal worlds experience a state in which grip of Maya (illusion) on their soul gets weakened. That is why they see a loophole in this illusion of external world. This loophole is the feeling that you have seen an event before. Mathangs say that Lord Hanuman has elaborated on this phenomenon. If it is in one of the chapters, you will get to read it when we decipher it.

Devotee Speaks:

Dear Setuu Team,
Is the caste of a person supposed to be determined by his birth or by his profession?
Thank you.

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

As described in chapter 20, humans create systems of classification for smooth functioning of society but these systems turn out to be faulty and have to be chucked or repaired over time. Firstly, no human designed system is perfect. Secondly, when times change, almost all systems get infested with social evils. No system is flexible enough to last forever. Current caste system is beyond repair.

To answer your question, caste of a person cannot be determined by birth. That can be implemented if all children, no matter what their parentage is, are admitted in an education system which gives equal opportunity. Their caste should be determined after graduating from that education system, based on how their characters develop.


Devotee Speaks:


Im frequently getting dreams of Lord Shiva (lingam) .. lots of temples..Lord hanuman (alive) sitting and meditating In a cave when I touched his shoulders he opened his eyes.. goddess Durga she spoke with me but I don't remember exactly what she told..
Because of these dreams I'm so much confused .. kindly help me I'm finding the answers or if these are irrelevant and I need not bother tell me that too please!!

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

May be Lord Hanuman is trying to fix/heal something in your life through SwapanLoka. You should not think about those dreams after coming to MaanavLoka. Let the dreams be dreams. The memory of dreams can be misleading. Whenever you see Gods in a dream, just express your gratitude to them after coming to Maanavloka and move on to your life.


Devotee Speaks:

Jai shriram

Recently I started reading queries and answers given by setuu masters, so many of them given clear solutions to my thoughts. Thanks to settu masters and mathangs.

I read in some articles on online, in which they mentioned that Ramayana written by lord hanumanji on stone surfaces of caves will be found before lord kalki going to take birth on earth. From that time onwards I was eagerly waiting for real Ramayana and what lord Vishnu wished to give message to human beings through his Leela's.

In that search I found answer for a query that how soul (rama) is trying to establish connection with body-mind (sita) when demon is trying to influnce body-mind. Similarly Agni pariksha and Hanuman's search for sita, and the way settu masters explained.

I am requesting setuu masters please provide Ramayana and Mahabharata in that form. So that every body can get rams Leela's and what he wants to convey message through his leelas. If possible please forward PDF files of Ramayana and Mahabharata to this mail address

From chapter 20, I got message like this, how an evil minded person influences body-mind of other persons by way of his speech and actions. That is happening in present world most commonly we can observe in politics. Here in my opinion real self is soul, clones (unreal self) are body-mind and other persons in that forest are demons. Demons are trying to influence body-mind of human beings, so that those human beings will fall in their trap and follow their words. Please correct me if understand in a wrong way and guide me.
Jai shriram

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

Times have changed. This is digital age and way of thinking of humans is different now. The order of telling the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata has changed now. If you read the real Ramayana and Mahabharata is the order of events as they happened, you won't absorb the supreme knowledge. The order of telling those stories in digital age is the order we are following here on setuu. Read the chapters as they are being published. Lord Hanuman will tell all stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata in the order they should be told. It may take many years to decipher them though. We will publish volume 1 of the book very soon which will include 21 chapters of Lord Hanuman's Leelas. Please wait.

To understand chapter 20 completely, please wait for chapter 21.


Devotee Speaks:

Lord Hanuman said in chapter 5 that

There are millions of devotees who want to have my Sakshat Darshan but they fail to get over their bodily desires. The most they do in their life is to utilize their body and mind to their full potential. They fail to even touch the potential of their souls. You have to realize and utilize potential of your soul.

How to realise and utilize potential of the soul?

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

First you need to know your soul and then rise to the level of soul.

You can start by not shooting questions from top of your mind. Let the questions pierce your being and reach to the deep most level. Do not yearn for easy and ready-made answers. Let your queries create an unbearable anguish. Let your questions bore deep into the layers of illusions which are covering your soul.

Seeking supreme knowledge is not like sitting in a school or college exam. Do not post questions until they drill your being. There are 20 chapters deciphered now. There is plenty of knowledge to ponder upon. Bathe in that knowledge. An answer you get by yourself will be worth more than a thousand ready-made answers you tend to seek.


Devotee Speaks:

Dear Setuu Team

Greetings to you.

My most humble and heart full Pranaam to the Holy feet of our beloved God Shri Ramachandraji and Shri Hanumanji

I am grateful to your team to bring to us such a profound and rare knowledge from Our Lord and Sadguru Shri Hanumanji.

I am following your chapters very closely and am also reiterating my read on the chapters for deeper understanding on the subject.

In this quest while my repeated reading on the Chapter 13, I wanted to seek some clarifications. for which I am herewith writing to you. Please provide me the clarifications on my questions. Please do not take my questions as my audacity. I seek sincerely.

Question 1:

While reading the chapter on Linga Shastra I understand that - "By Altering the Linga of a Soul, The body also changes to the same form as the linga is converted." Here I wanted to ask that if a body changes would the intellect/Consciousness/Chitta also change automatically, or intellect/Consciousness/Chitta has to be worked upon separately ?

The reason I ask this is that in the Chapter 7, Lord mentions that the consciousness of each specie varies. As he gives the example of a Monkey who sees the Sun and perceives it as a Fruit. and We humans perceive Sun As a Source of energy, Star or Ball of fire etc. So here I understand that the Every animal sees, understands, perceives the nature in its own way. In that case if the body of the being is changed then logically would the Consciousness change automatically or it has to be worked upon separately.

Please clarify this question.

Question 2:

Again, while reading the chapter on the Linga shastra I understand that - "When all Linga is maintained with only positive light waves it assumes divine form and reaches Vishnu Loka. When its Positive and Negative light waves are in perfect equilibrium, I assumes the form of Shiva lingam and reaches Shiva loka. I was only curious to know what would happen if the Linga is maintained with Negative light waves?

[Please Note: As to Question 2, if Lord Hanuman Has deliberately avoided the point then you may choose to not answer the question]

Please help me in my quest of deeper understanding on the subject.

Waiting for your reply.


Best regards

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

Yes, along with body, everything else too change.

Negative waves of Linga solidify into body of demons.


Devotee Speaks:

Continued from 531045

Pranam Mathangs and Setuu masters

It is Said that " Although the final destination of every human being is getting MOKSHA
But it is said that getting Moksha is very difficult
You have to leave attachments and penance for long years"
And after that if you start in this birth after many births you will get moksha

But You said that within 6 months of Sadhana you will drop the idea of "Becoming anything "

That means will my soul get moksha within just one year of Sadhana?

1) I mean why they are saying moksha is very difficult
You have to go to Himalayas and penance for long years?

You said that
Most souls depart from this mortal world (for Moksha)
Once the realization happens

2)Where will my soul go
To vishnu loka?
Or directly Mukti sagara?

And iam confused in this
When my soul leaves this body
Then why again another pure soul from vishnu loka comes and occupies my body? I mean what is the need there?
Why to keep the body alive?
Let the body fall down and die?
Why again another pure soul from vishnu loka comes
And occupies the body?

And another question
When another pure soul comes and occupies my body? Which memory does it have ?
The previous my body memory? Or pure soul will have a fresh memory?

Does it know it is sent by lord vishnu for some task?
Or when it occupies my body will it be deluded by the ordinary world?
Will it be every moment aware that it is only visitor soul? Not the body?
Will it know that It is the servant of lord vishnu which is sent to the mortal world for some task ?

Plzz answer all the questions

Thank you

Waiting for your answer

Setu Speaks:

Divine Soul,

It depends on the state of the soul. If you are selected for Sadhana at Setu Hanuman Bodhi, your soul is already evolved enough to attain Moksha in present lifetime.

A soul which is trapped in materialistic world may take many births to get the spark which is required to start on the path of Moksha. That spark will come from within. Penance will be endured in the form of situations in day-to-day life. Suppose a person gets too much difficulties in life, it itself is a penance which can lead to "spark". Or suppose a person has achieved all heights of materialistic world and feels empty (Like prince Gautama who went on to become Buddha). For such a person, the easy availability of all materialistic pleasures itself is a penance.

When that "spark" comes, then also the evil powers of universe (called The MAYA) will do everything to undo that spark. For example, suppose a person got the spark and went in search of a Guru. The Maya will play another trick and land that person into trap of a cult Guru. The cult survives on making a soul feel inferior and wretched. To ensure lifetime subscription to the cult, the cult Guru will declare, "Moksha is very difficult
You have to leave attachments and penance for long years. And after that if you start in this birth after many births you will get moksha." Such a soul will remain trapped in the illusion that it is following the path of "spirituality". But actually it would be doing the bidding for Maya. State of such a soul is worse than an ordinary materialistic soul because it is under the illusion that it is following the path of Moksha, but actually it is doing the opposite.

You don't need to go to Himalayas but you certainly need to give up the 'ego'. By ego, we mean the 'sense of I'. If you can do that while living in materialistic world, it is fine. But it is harder to do so in society, and easier in mountains. That is why we require the Sadhakas to come here in the mountains.

Moksha means merging into Muktisagara. But some souls fail to attain Moksha and get stuck one step short. Then they land into VishnuLoka or BrahmaLoka or ShivaLoka.

When you are sleeping, your soul is in SwapanLoka. But if somebody, say, causes pain in your body, your soul immediately tries to come back to the body to protect it. Same is the case when your soul goes to MuktiSagara. If any pain is caused to your body, your soul may try to jump out of the Muktisagara again. The pain can be caused in many ways. For example, if you leave a body soulless, some Asurrah may occupy that body and start using it for evil means. Or your 'alive' body may start rotting thereby causing the pain and agony in the body. (The body should be properly cremated and ashes should be dispersed.) Or if somebody deliberately kills the body, it causes pain and increases nett evil power of the world.

To avoid such a situation, a soul from VishnuLoka comes and occupies the body. Sometimes the task assigned to the 'visitor soul' is just to occupy the body till it's natural death. That is a passive task. The soul passively does welfare of the world by keeping Asurrahs away from that body. Sometimes it is assigned an active task. For that an advanced 'visitor soul' comes to the body and becomes a reformer of society etc. No, the soul doesn't know that it is on a task assigned by Lord Vishnu. That ensures that they do their task properly as an ordinary part of the world. But these souls are easy to steer clear from materialistic world. They do not accumulate additional Karma. So they don't get stuck in the cycle of birth and death again. They only accumulate desires which can be easily washed away after death of body. They don't need to take another birth. They return back to VishnuLoka. And sometimes, they even get Moksha after completing the task (as it happened in chapter 14).