These are Experiences and Prayers submitted by devotees for inclusion in Sakshat Hanuman Pooja. You can also submit your experiences at . We try to include as many sincere experiences and prayers as we can. Make sure that you read at least one chapter of Lord Hanuman's Leelas immediately before writing. This will ensure that Asurrahs do not influence your mind when you try to express yourself. It will increase the chances of inclusion in Sakshat Hanuman Pooja.

Devotee Speaks:

Jai Siya Raam,

I had been reading sincerely not only the chapters but also trying to gain as much knowledge as possible from experiences section.

I had noticed or realized recently that when Asurrahs fail to gain evil pleasure from our own body, they try to manipulate us using other body with whom we are communicating.

I had noticed my wife trying best to bring out the worst anger out of me by constantly abusing and insulting me or my intellect and also sometimes my adorable daughter no matter how much I remain calm. Previously, I had fallen prey to this. But now, With the help to supreme knowledge, I'm recently able to handle such situations.

Tons of Thanks for Lord, Mathangs, and Setuu Masters.

Rather than hoping, I'm believing that these obstacles and miserable would end soon and get converted to immense happiness once my karmas become even.

Devotee Speaks:


आज्ञा दो हनुमान जी मेरी अंतिम सांसारीक इच्छा पुरी करने का दिन आ गया है। कमांडो चयन के लिये जाना है और सफल होके लौटना है, प्रभू साथ रहना।

आप को सब पता है महाराज और क्या कहु। बस करदो हनुमान जी।

Devotee Speaks:

Dear Setuu Master,

I'm writing this in hour of great need. Since last few weeks my mother is fighting with a medical illness. Today, she had one important medical test done. The result of the test will come by tomorrow or day after.

With all due regards and with my utmost belief I seek blessings of Lord Hanuman for my mother.

Lord please. Please do not let any harm touch my mother. No disease shall touch her. Hanuman ji, the faith I have developed in you after reading the chapters is my only source of strength now. With folded hands and with utmost sincerity I ask for forgiveness. Please listen to me Hanuman ji. I hope I'm connected to you and that my thoughts/feelings reach you. Hanuman ji please tell what shall I do to relieve my mother from this suffering. Please Hanuman ji, understand the pain I'm going through. My world seems to be ending. Please help. Speak to me. Come to me. I bow to you and Lord Ram.

Please speak to me. Help us!

Setuu please communicate this to my Hanuman.

Ps :- Before going for the medical test. I made my mother read the first chapter.


Devotee Speaks:

Ohh Lord Hanuman,

You know, our Hotel in Jajpur started operations on 12th Feb 2016.

We need 100% occupancy throughout in order to pay off our bank loans and debts and current monthly expenses for operations.

Please bless us with a capable team, Good marketing strategy, customer service, business partners and deals so that we be the number one hotel in jajpur road

May we usher a new era of innovation and creativity in terms of customer comfort ,service and customers.

May each customer who comes here feel blessed, have a successful business trip and the purpose of his visit is fructigied by statying here and he feels that by staying here his business mission is accomplished.

Please bless us with a positive mindset, attitude and a strong work ethic.

Protect us from.humiliation ohh lord. We seek your refuge

Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram

Devotee Speaks:

Ohh lord hanuman, my humble bowings on behalf of me and my entire family

I postrate at your feet. Please forgive us for the lack of faith and negativity.

I also seek forgiveness to my ancestors.

I also seek forgiveness to u on behalf of them.

Ohh lord as you know, my dad Rishi Kumar Agarwal, your ardent devotee and a totall surrendered bhakta of Lord Laksmi Narayan
eats Paan along with small amounts of zarda.

Off late he is having pain in the mouth and the doctors as well our family astrologer has asked him to stop eating but he is not able to give up eating paan and we as well as him are living in fear

Also he is having pain in legs and he is very short tempered and has a lot of anger.

We fear him as much as we love him.

Please bless him with a calm ,peaceful and happy nature.

Also cure him of all graha doshas, worries, financial problems and debt.

We are in need of a miracle from you.

Ohh lord save us.

Rakshaamaam Pahimaam Trahimaam

Devotee Speaks:

Dear Setuu masters and Matang tribe,
Tomorrow 7th March is is an auspicious day....since Lord Hanuman is reincarnation of Lord Shiva, pls convey my prayer that I want my mother back....I want my father fit and fine....I want to lead a normal life with my parents, wife and Child like all other humanbeings....I don't want to lead an unfortunate life daily full of tension and sorrow like the one I am leading now. I am unable to take care of my little baby properly since I have a broken heart and mind.
Please do convey the prayer in Sakshat Hanuman Puja.

Devotee Speaks:

I have read all 14 chapters and waiting for the day when next will be published and I am really thankful to you for sharing...

I have full faith in Hanuman ji and hanuman ji has helped me in various ways..Once long time back. Some one took Rs 20000 from my father and was not returning the money back.... for more than 1 year that person didn't returned the money.. We thought that we will never get the money back.. so we left the hope..
then a time came when we faced big financial crisis and I could see the tension in my fathers face,, As I was only studying in the 2nd year of Engineering ... & could not able to do any help .. I was also not feeling good.... Then one night as usually I do before sleeping ,,, I talk to Hanumanji mentally .... One thought came to my mind if that person returns the money... it will help us a lot.. So while thinking about hanuman ji ... I heard a voice mentally .. It was not actually voice but something like Hanuman Ji asked me .. He gave me 2 options

Do you want that money back from that person or Do you want to win a lottery ?
I said , I just want that the person should return the money to my father please.. and then I slept...

next morning , infact very early , when I was sleeping only, I heard someone ring the door bell, and I heard while sleeping that some one came.. I was feeling sleepy so I kept sleeping late..

But when I wake up and asked who came so early morning ,, I was shocked to know that the same person came and returned full money ..... I can't tell how I felt ,,, i was so happy to know that yesterday night it was hanuman ji who actually asked me and listened my prayer...

Its been 10 years now and I still talk to Hanumanji..... but now I dont know why I am not getting that kind of feeling that I normally had while talking to Hanuman ji..

I think I did something wrong which suddenly took him far away from me ... that makes me very sad from inside..
Please help me

Devotee Speaks:

Jai shree Hanuman
Today I have lost my beloved one, my grandfather(mother's father).
हे भगवान उनकी आत्मा को शान्ति प्रदान करें।
।।श्री राम।।

Devotee Speaks:

Thanks baba Mathang for sharing all the lila of lord Hanuman to us .now I got alot faith in god .after reading all of them chapter I totally faith that he is immortal nd living this yug in kalyug .
But I have question when lord vishnu take birth as a kalki??

Devotee Speaks:

"Continued from #519793 in first line ..
Thanq setu for ur reply. I don't bother about religions.. I didn't get answer for my question.
Does Lord hanuma know about me ? I always wanted to know about my inner self..Lord hanuma gave answers to my questions through fb setuu hanuma page. It made me to believe that he is listening to my words..Thank you

Devotee Speaks:

Dear matedang,i am facing stomach problem(loose stool)from last 4years as well as swapandosh and mentally uncomfortable last 4 Years .so lord hanuman please remove my all deasease and pain.there is no hope except you lord hanuman.jai shree ram

Devotee Speaks:

Maine Setu asia ki 14 adhaya ko pdha. AAtma Halki lag rhi thi. Jeevan m bhut sare taklif h. meri aatma ko v buri aatma gher k rkhi. Kosi ki ki mai apni aatma ko shudh kru.. per avi tk kch tarike se hui. kripaya mere kasto ko har le aur mjhe pawitra bna d. mere anek kast h. unko v bhagwan se prathna krta hoo ki har le.

Devotee Speaks:

Gurudeva, Thanks for the enlightening chapter. Seeking your blessings for my new work at cognizant. please bless me to drive the team well , accomplish my tasks without any difficulty. Please cure my ulcer problem and health issues. Bless me to meet my partner as soon as possible and fix my marriage.kindly bless our PepsiCo team and my family and sengottayan uncle.

Devotee Speaks:

Continued from #520522

Thank you so much!

I request Hanuman ji to please be with my Mother.

I am out- of- city and could not be with her in person. Today morning, I got to know that doctor did a minor operation yesterday. But it got a bit of complications.

They will do the next operation in a week or so.

Please Setuu, communicate this message to Lord. My family needs His blessings!

We pray for full recovery of my mother!

Jai Shri Ram

Devotee Speaks:

Jai Shri RAM
I am 17 years old and i have started loving and praying lord hanuman for about 2 years from now but i have many miracles happening in my life my mother once asked a pandit about me he told that this boy has special blessings of lord hanuman some of my experience.were like that every human has seen monkeys but usually monkeys are in group but i used see single monkey sitting alone with no one around him i used to get very suprised and that monkey used to sit near my house and aomrtime came to my schools roof also i knew that this monkey is none other than lord hanuman and i have decided that when i'll become doctor i will go live in ayodhya and help all the people in ayodhya and when i will die my last words will be JAI SHRI RAM

Devotee Speaks:

24 year ki thi tab mai ne Hanuman Chalisa ka har din me 40 bar har roj pathan kiya , aisa 40 dino tak pathan aur pooja ki aur meri sari mano kamana puri hui. aur sankat kal me unko kabhi bhi yad karo wo kisi na kisi rup me aakar madat karate hai. meri mother-in-law ne muze 4 bar jan se mar ne koshish ki lekin wo kabhi safal nahi ho pai. 5 wi bar unoh ne koshish ki tab unake jan par hadasa ho gya tha. tab wo bhot darr gai thi, aur muze puchahne lagi tu kis bhagawan ki puja path karati hai? 1 week tak wo sirf muze dekh ti rah gai. iske bad unoh ne kabhi aesi harakat nahi ki. aur mere pati se juda nahi kar pai. shata-shata-shata koti dhanyawad Hanumanji...... sabhi bhakato ke uapar Hanumanji ki krupa-drushati rahe.

Devotee Speaks:

jai shree Ram..!
I want to be Good Human Being .....
I have committed many sins.
I asked to Lord Hanuman ji to Forgive me .
I have never given any happiness to my family from my side
and now I have wish if that will be fulfilled my entire family and my friends and teacher will be Happy and yeah Ofcourse I will be also more happy..

I am reading these chapters ..These are very useful they are calming me .. Thankyou all for uploading this ... It makes me feel as Lord Hanuman is sitting in front of me and telling me these stories...

Thankyou... and Yeah I am a student I am not earning to make any arpan If I became what I want... I will surely make arpan ...It's a promise to you all.
Sorry for this Setuu.....

Devotee Speaks:

Jai Siya Ram
Jai Hanuman

First of all I bow my head before all Gods. Ever since childhood I have been involved in pooja(bhakti) of God. Although I respect all Gods equally, yet I must say I am attracted more towards Lord Hanuman. I don't know why and how but I have been very much attracted to Lord Hanuman since childhood.

I believe in prayers. Before starting anything, I rarely forget to remember God. Most of the times, God listens to my prayers but sometimes my prayers go unlistened. I don't know the reasons behind this. May be my Karmas are not enough or may be it is not in my fate or destiny. But these unlistened prayers never ever shattered my faith in God even a bit.

Today, I thank God from the core of my heart for giving me such a beautiful life. My life has not been bed of roses. It has been full of ups and downs, yet I appreciate it. I am very much thankful to God. I thank God especially for two things. First for getting my masters degree from one of best institutes in the country in which I always wanted to study and second for my first job in one of the best companies of IT Industry. The time spent at these two places are really very memorable and I am not going to forget any moment spent here ever in my life.

Today, I don't have a job. I have been jobless for around a year now. Yet I thank God for giving so much to me. Also, I thank God for all the things which God will give me in future. I am looking for a good, permanent and stable job with handsome salary. And I believe that God will surely fulfill all my dreams very soon.

O Lord, please fulfill all my dreams. Let me be happy and content. I request Lord to fulfill my dreams so that I concentrate fully towards Moksha after fulfilling all my Karmas(responsibilities). Please give me a sound mind and a healthy body. Please purify my soul so that I can have your darshan. Let my body and mind be in my control and free from Assurahs. Let my body and mind do worldly things and my soul connect to you. Keep your blessings on me forever and ever.

I am also very much thankful to Setuu and Mathangs. Please accept my sincere pranam. Had you people been not there, souls like me would not have been able to connect to Lord Hanuman in a better way.

Thanks and regards.

Jai Siya Ram
Jai Hanuman

Devotee Speaks:

Earlier I thought that Ramayana is merely a story and we have to corelate it with our real life but after knowing and reading first lesson I am just amazed that everything was true .You are always there for your devotees .
Now only aim of my life is you.

Devotee Speaks:

Continued from #519487- hey priya hanumanji pranam , aap ko shat shat naman . Setuu ke santo ko mera naman . Kripaya kar ke detail me mujhe aapke gyan se enlighten kariye jo aapne kaha tha ki deh aur mann ke star par na jiyu aatma ke star par jiyu woh kaise thoda sa detail me ek example de kripaya . Meri drishti me aatma star par rehna matlab jab mai puja path ya dhyan sadna karne ke baad khud ko kuch samay prabhu se khub kareeb aur zuda hua mehsoos karta hun kuch samay ke liye to kashto ko yaad nahi karta hun i just stay connected to almighty fir some time but jaise hi dincharya me aa jate hain to fir se moh prem ke vicharo se emotionally harm ho jata hun. Aur aaj prabhu naya aadhyay prakasit hua 'wastaviktaon ka anveshan hanuman ji dwara' me bhi swapn lok ke bare me bataya gaya hai jo ki ek wastwikta hai jisme dirdha swapn lok me khud ko sharmila samjh rahi thi jo sulochna ki deh me thi. Aur aaj hi maine swapn dekha ki jis se me pyar karta hun us se aalingan kar raha hun gale lag raha hun aur wah bhi lag rahi hai aage bad kar aur swapn aage badta hai jaha ko aa jata hai and we have to leave from there. kuch swapn pura yaad nahi hai but overall aadha swapna acha laga aur aadha bura. But prabhu deh aur mann ke star par na jiye yah to thik hai par kisiko bhulana bhi to aasaan nahi hai kyunki jinko ignore kara hai wah antar me to hai aur swapn me bhi aa gai.
Hey priya hanumanji aapse meri aatma ke kai janmo ke sambandh ke khatir aap se viniti hai arji hai ki prabhu kya aap uska vivah karwayenge mujhse uske mann me prem bharkar sirf mere liye aur kisi ke liye nahi aur na hi kisi ka behhkawa ho use. Kyunki really i want to marry her nathji. Aur jiwan me sab kuch mil bhi gaya to fir bhi yahi aasha chubhegi hamesha.

Pranam priya prabhu.