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Devotee Speaks:

I was very worried about y daughter s marriage. She was not agreeing for marriage. After reading this chapter, I dreamed her telling me that she will marry only after she is of age 32 in presence of Lord Hanuman
I explained to her to get married in the dream.

Now I feel much relieved, she has become more understanding now and I thank Lord Hanuman

Now we both are awaiting a good alliance for her marriage

Devotee Speaks:

Jai Shree Ram
Jai Jaanki Mata
Jai Hanuman

My sincere pranam to Mathangs and Setuu Masters. I must say team Setuu is doing a great job by connecting the modern world with lord Hanuman. Your work is worth praising. Truly speaking, I lack words in praising and thanking you. Had you people been not there, people like me would not have been able to connect to lord Hanuman this way and we would not have been getting the Brahm Gyan which lord Hanuman imparted to Mathangs. Really, I thank you from the core of my heart. I must say I am just fond of this website. I visit it many times a day. Whenever I am free or whenever I just feel sad or depressed, I just visit this website. After visiting it, automatically a feeling comes from inside that nothing bad can happen with me when lord Hanuman is with me. He is always there to help and protect me whatever the situation is.

I have read all the 8 chapters posted so far many times.

Chapter 1 is all about illusions i.e. bad illusion and good illusion. Whatever we see is fake. In one world one is sad. At the same time, in other world, the same person is happy. Only lord Hanuman is reality and the Brahm Gyan imparted by him is reality.

Chapter 2 is all about devils i.e. devil of anger, devil of revenge, devil of worries and many other devils. How our mind is captured by these devils and how our decisions and behaviour get changed with the presence of these devils. We should not allow these devils to sit in our mind.

Chapter 3 is all about the nature of time. How we always keep on moving forward. We seem to be sitting or sleeping but actually we are moving forward on the conveyer belt of time which always move in the forward direction.

Chapter 4 is all about Soul, Moksh, desires, Vishnulok, Brahmlok and Swapnlok. How souls get out of Mukgtisagar with the help of Brahmaji. How souls get desires. How souls go to Swapnlok to fulfill their desires.

Chapter 5 is about souls changing bodies. Souls can change bodies just like we change clothes. Souls can change bodies to fulfill their desires.

Chapter 6 is about Kalp, Yug, Surrahs and Asurahs. How surrahs and asurrahs use our body to fulfill their desires. We should not allow them to use our bodies. This chapter tells about the transformation from one yug to another. How the world which seems to be today got created.

Chapter 7 is about making Arpanam. How our karma affects our arpanam. Our arpanam must not be influenced by surrahs or asurrahs. It must belong to soul. To a human the Sun seems to be sun, but to a monkey it is a fruit (Cheeranjivi Fal).

Chapter 8 debunks the popular myth that Makardhwaja was the son of lord Hanuman. It also tells about Paatal. How demon Guru Shukracharya tried to abduct lord Ram and Lakshman and send them to paatal and captivate them in infinite illusion. But lord Hanuman didn't let it happen.

Before reading Chapter 8, I just read the Prohibitory note. First, I thought whether I have understood all the previous chapters completely. Then, after a brief pause, an answer came from my inside yes I have and then I started reading chapter 8. After going through all the 8 chapters posted so far, I must say I have gained some Brahm Gyan. No, I am not saying that now I have become very learned and I know very much. But now I have known some reality. I know something which has been taught to me by lord Hanuman. Now, at least I know what we see is not reality. Reality is something different.

After going through Setuu's note at the end of Chapter 8 that Makardhwaja was not Lord Hanuman's son. If you have understood it, you are one of few blessed souls in this age of ignorance. I really don't have words to express my feelings. I really lack words to express my feelings after hearing such words for me. I felt very lighter.

I wait for the next chapters very anxiously. I want to know what all lord Hanuman did in his recent visit to Mathangs in 2014. Every time I just hope next chapter come soon.

I really feel that I am a blessed soul and I have the blessings of lord Hanuman that I got connected to Setuu and Mathangs. Also, I have the priviedge to take part in Charan Pooja which happens once in 41 years and Sakshat Hanuman Pooja.

Right now I am going through a very tough phase of life. I am looking for a good permanent job. Many a times I become sad after failures in getting a good job but I don't get disheartened. I think lord Hanuman is testing me. I have full faith in my lord Hanuman. I am damn sure very soon he will give me a very good permanent job and all my problems will vanish very soon with the blessings of lord Hanuman.

"O lord Hanuman, please fulfill my wishes."

Prabhu please keep your blessings on me forever and fogive me for my sins of this birth and previous births too and help me settle all my karma and move towards Moksh.

Thank you Mathangs
Thank you setuu