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Devotee Speaks:

I am grateful to youdear Hanumanji for taking care me. I have love and reverence for you. I had been out of india and at presentnmy expenses are born by mybdaughters with no personal ncome. Kindly make me capable to offer my aparpan from my earned income.

Devotee Speaks:

I am a regular meditator and I believe that meditation is a best thing to do in this world.Lord hanuman is the best meditator as all of us know,so I want to ask lord hanuman that although I am having a focused ,stress free mind and I am fulfilling my spiritual goal but at the same time my materialistic goals are not completed.Because my age is only 19th now so there is a ample time to complete my spiritual goal,so I pray to lord hanuman to shower his blessings on me so I can complete my materialistic goal as early as possible
Thanking you

Devotee Speaks:

Shree Rama Jayam,
It has been almost 3 weeks now. I and my family started praying to lord Hanuman and reading chalisa everyday at least once or 5 times a day after lighting lamp. We have a new experience a doll lols like hanuman for few moments, a coloring book I give my daughter the first page has picture of a monkey. I went to temple and was wishing to see monkey. But, did not see. I spoke to my mom in India but did not tell about my wish. Instead the first think she told me was a monkey has come to our house three times on Saturday. Indicating his presence and offering us his blessings. Expecting many more such meetings with lord Hanuman ji.
Jai Hanuman

Devotee Speaks:

One day evening,it was saturday by lisening and seeing some incidents i got angry and cry,pain,i have cryied a lot,my best friend is lord Hanumaan,by saying to him all experience i will get some relief at every time,but one day i cried for him a lot,hole night my tought is about only my friend hanumaan,i said to him i dont no anything i have no knowledge,is some knowledge present near is also wrong like this i said to my friend lord hanumaan i cried a lot for his sakshat dharshan.i have slept with sad next day morning i have got a message about SEETUS LOG BOOK,when i know it i started reading this 12 chapters,about my friend HANUMAAN LEELAS,and i came to know still my friend is on earth and doing many leelas to many peoples and helping people from bad evils.he is born to help the people,i waiting for his skashat dharshan,i need to learn many things from,after learning from i like to help the people of the world,and i like to keep people in right way,for appropriate time,after my completion of time i like be near my friend HANUMAAN JI 0R NEAR LORD SHIVA.but i need to learn knowledge,by reading this 12 chapters i came to know that i am soul,while reading these chapters my soul going nearer to my friend HANUMAAN JI.i am waiting his sakshat dharshan, HANUMA MY DEAR FRIEND I WANT YOUR SAKSHAT DHARSHAN PLEASE ACCEPT ME AS YOUR FRIEND.i want to say many more of my experience to you,you know every tuesday i will go to your temple and i will SRI RAM chanting and 108 prakshans to you,hanuma i waiting for you,give your sakshat dharshan.


Devotee Speaks:

After reading this chapter my soul is getting near to Maa Ganga and needs her blessing for purifications.

Devotee Speaks:

Continued from #515959

Jai shri Ram

Thank you Sir,
For your such enlighteNing answer
I do not know who was Vaasus
I reached and found the story ....the sin was stealing of cow for prabhabas wife.

I am very happy that Lord Hanuman answered my question through your medium

Thank you
Jai Hanuman
Jai Shri Ram

Devotee Speaks:

Full of gratitude for unity and experiencing your presence with my family and me. I am grateful for this
opportunity to give arpanam. I cried tears of love as I read these three chapters and feeling like I am there with you. Oh Hanumanji, Oh Prabhu, Oh Lord please bless me to be as loving and devoted as
you are to Lord Rama and Mother Sita with the qualities that I can to give arpanam to all those in need.
Oh Hanumanji I thank you, I thank you, I thank you Prabhu.

Devotee Speaks:

Mai sarvpratham shree Sitaram ji ke charano me pranam krta hu jo jagat ki utpatti, palan aur sanhar ke karan hai...
AAge mai Shree Bajrang Bali sarkar aur Unke Priya Matang rishiyo aur aant me setu ke santoko pranam karta hu.
Mera Avedan yeh hai ki mai bhi Rishiyo ke sharan me rah kr unka anusharan krte huye is jeevan ko safal krna chahta hu. jaisa ki mai bachpan se hi ek vishes prakar ka khichav mahsus krta rha hu ki mai santo ki tarah hi jeevan jiyu aur sare deh ke sambandho ko dheere kam krte huyeis jeevan ke uddeshya ko prapt karu. Mai Sri Ram Avtar Gupta ka dusre no. ka putra hu jinka gotra kashyap hai aur ham Panch bhai hai. aur bhne thi jinki shadi ho gyi hai. mere gav me badi hi shanti ke mahaul ke sath ram nam ki pheri subah sham nikalti hai mere gav me ishwar ke poojan ke liye badi shradha hai. mere gav me aaj se 30-36 sal phle bhut bade sant aaye the jo Sitaram ji ke upashak the unhe mera gav bhut priya lagta tha aur wo wha aakr chitrakoot ke santo ko aandan ke liye prerit krte the. mere gav me unhone 2 -3 bar bhandara bhi kiya. mere gav me log bade hi dharmik ho rhe hai. wo ishwar ki satta pr vishwas krte hai. mera pariwar 30 sal phle pas ke gav se uthkr is gav me aaya tha aur abhi wahi bas gya hai. mai abhi baba vishnath ki sharan me rahkar Kashi hindu viswavidhalaya se vidyaadhyan kr rha hu lekin mai jb se setuu ke sanidhya me aaya hu mera umang ka thikana nhi hai. maine jo bhi anubhuti ki hai in 12 adhyayo ko padkar ki mai apne ko mai aur deh me aantar dekhne laga hu. aur maine jo bhi pichle shastro pr pada tha us gyan ko bhi bhulne laga hu. mai jyada to nhi khta bs ek aas hai man pr mere.
mere pita ji hanuman ke pujari the wo har mangalwar ko sunderkand ka path kiya krte the wo bhi bade man se unhone 20-25 sal tk wh kiya jissse bachpan se sunte sunte hame sundarkand yad ho gya. mai bachpan me pass ke mandir me jakar bhagwan sitaram ji ki aarti me shamil ho jaya krta tha. yeh hi sb krte huye unke sharan lete huye mai aj 27 sal ka ho gya hu. mai phle shree sitaram ji ko dhyan kiya krta tha aur hanuman ji ko bs pranam kiya krta tha mai aaj bhi hanuman ji bs pranam kta hu. mujhe is vidhyadhayan me kam ishwar ki pooja me bhut man lgta hai aisa mai samajhata hu ho bhi sakta hai mai isse darta hu phir bhi mai ishwar ke samipya ko jyada pasand krta hu. aapke adhyyayo ko pad kr aatmik aanubhav prapt hua. mujhe jeevan ke jo aas pass ka vatavaran hai use maine aap ke mail ke kahe anusar yaha likha hu. mai gyarahwe adhyay ko pad kr chhah aur karm ko samjjha aur tab se ram ji ke darshan ki chhhah bana li hai . maine kuch samaya phle brahm gyan ki ichha man me jagrat ki thi bhagwan sitaram jji ke samne shayad ishwar ki wahi ichha ho. annt me ram ji ke charnar bindo ke darshano ki chhah liye huye jai shree ram.

Devotee Speaks:

जय श्री राम जय बजरंगबली हनुमान जय श्री राम
मुझ पर हमेशा अपनी कृपा बनाये रखना
हे प्रभु ! आपका दरशन अभिलाषी हूँ कृपा करो

Devotee Speaks:

This event occurred in the year 2010.

That time I was working for a company and was posted in Bhubaneshwar. My family was in kolkata. I uaed to travel to and fro from Kolkata to Bhubaneshwar quite often on my car during the week ends.

One such day I was travelling back from Bhubaneshwar on my car and started in the morning and was in a huury to reach back to kolkata. I was traveling in a brisk speed.

As I was travelling - suddenly I started chanting Hanuman Chalisa. Here I must mention that fee months back I was advised by someone to start chanting Hanuman Chalisa daily. And gradually I started chanting by reading line by line as I couldn't memorise it fully. But that day suddenly I felt the chant is coming quite automatically and i kept chanting without any disxomfort and i kept driving.

I was speeding across almost at a speed of 120 kms per hour. It was a smooth and wide road. Hence no question of stopping.

Till i arrive in a place where I found a number of truxks parked in the side of the drive way. It was a long queue. But still there was enough space which allowed to to keep my speed intact.

Suddenly I swa an elephant appeared from no where by the side of the parked trucks and was dangerously blocking my passage. On sighting this i had shaken a bit and my steering went out of control. Immediately I realised I have lost my control. And didn't know what to do.

I applied break and found I am off the track and luckily it was a graas land on the other side. I started rotating the steering and applied break and after some time as the speed came down I gradually got control on my car and croosed the elephant and slowly go back to the driving track.

I was totally shock strikken. Only realising why I was made to chant the Hanuman Chalisa just some time back.

I strongly belive it was his blessing that I could avoid a sure accident which could be fatal enough.

I believe it was his wish that I am still alive .

Jai Hanuman Ji


Swarnabha Guha

Devotee Speaks:

jai hanuman naku gatgamlo unna adhyamika bhavanala kanna setuu dwara nenu chaduv thunna chapters dwara nenu ponduthunna bhavanalu nalo okintha dhyarayani adhyathmika sakthini sadhana dwara pondalane tapanaperigindi hanuman anugraham valla o vishayam maku pillalu leru adi maku jeevitha sardakatha lopamga bhavisthundi na satheemani anduvva mathanga masters dwara sadhana margam pondi ma aradhya hanaman padala saksharathanu pondagaligite ma jivitam dhanyamouthundi setuu chapters dwara nenu ponduthunna bhavanalu could not know to express kani arpanam vishayam lo nenu mudusarlu viphalamayyanu swamy mammult anugrahistharani mathanga masters kadu dooram lo unna mammulanu manah spurthiga aseervadinchalani sarayaina margam lo nadipinchalani HANUMAN PADAPADMAMULAKU NAMASKARISTHU NA BANDAM KONA SAGALANI PRARADHANA

Devotee Speaks:

thank you matangs because last night i was suffering from a problem relating to my career and lover one of came in my soul and told me chant what he exactly chanted. can you do me a favour in your next meet with god hanuman can you ask whether my decision towards my career and my lover is correct or not i have decided movie direction as my career and i will accept my lover as my love and marry her
pardon me for give you pain but out my necessary which are leading me to you as you are near to one of my most admirable almighty. sir i am finding myself hard to survive each moment of my life in this hard world within a web of dangerous conditions. though i believe god as my friend i am lacking my confidence.. i am living on the swords of fear can you please tell lord hanuman my deep grief and can you please request him on my behalf to give me someone as a support so that i can successfully complete this human life and wish him on my behalf that if their is another human re brith in my account i would to a smallest creature rather than a wild evil human being pray him i am taking my death breath in my young span of life if their is no help available then tell him that i prerferto live my soul and join him any where in his body parts atleast his tip of nail of the foot would be a heaven on the earth for me please tell his request as soon as possible thank you

Devotee Speaks:

I have in my birth chart: Kala Sarpa Yoga.

Saturn & Sun are in my first house with Saggitarius rising.

Ketu is in my fourth house and Rahu is in my 10th House.

Venus and Moon are in my 11th house.

Mars, Mercury and Jupiter are in my 12th house.

My life has been full of challenges with relationships finances and health issues. My family whom I have been devoted to distanced themselves from me 4years ago and my mother has always interefered in my life and relationships in an effort to control me.

I pray to Lord Hanuman to release me from ALL the evil effects of Kala Sarpa Yoga and bless me now with undepleting finances, perfect Health and a life partner who will respect me and love me.

Devotee Speaks:

I have full faith on God but now from past few days, my family is in trouble, and i cannot see coming out of that troubles, all the doors are getting closed , i feel as if god is not listening to my prayers. i m sunk in mud. i feel helpless, i couldn't able to find any solutions nor we are getting any solutions to our problems.Even Lord Hanuman has closed his eyes, ignoring my problems, I am very much depressed.I just pray to him to end all our problems, Prabhu hamre upar apni krupa dristhi banaye.


Devotee Speaks:

Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!!!!!! Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!!!!!!

Ohh Lord pls bless us we 2 sons with all the capabilities to fulfil all the unfulfille dreams of my parents . Bless them with health, happiness , peace and devotion and bless us with all the capabilties to be a sucessful human being a good spiritual materialist. Pls bless us with material prosperity and fincancial stability

Devotee Speaks:

Oh Lord Hanuman Lord Bajrangbali Lord Bala Ji
I bow my head down on your holy feet.
Please shower all your blessings to this world and me & my family.
In this rude Kaliyug you kinldy enlighten this mankind the right path & truthfulness to establish Humanity.
Show me the path of Dharma for right Karma.

Jai Hanuman !!!

Devotee Speaks:

Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!!!!!!!. Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!!!!!

Ohh Lord Hanuman , Ohh Lord of our clan , please accept my bowings on behalf of our entire

clan including our ancestors. Pls bless us. Pls forgive us for our countless sins

Ohh Lord Hanuman , Ohh Anjaneyar,

Please bless us with "Chitta ki shanti, Buddhi ki Ekagrata and Mann ki Prasannata in all situations and moments of life "

( Calmness of the mind, Concentration and sharpness ( IQ and Emotional Quotient EQ) , and

Happiness and Blissful nature of the inner self irrespective of the situation and condition in

life). . Please bless us that irrespective of however the situations and events and life may be

but we remain in this state of bliss and face every situation using all your given skills, competencies and capabilities and our heart soul and mind centered at the lotus feet of

our Eastha devas our beloved gods.

We severely lack this skill and habit and get easily worried, tensed , restless , which causes loads of anxiety and restricts us from giving our best to any challenge and utilizing the god given talents and capabilties. This is the fundamental skill the lack of which has created anger , frustration , resentment and lack of patience and faith in us as well as all Gods. Pls bless us with this very important skill so that we pursue our lives and goals with the perfect mindset, perfect attitude , optimistic and happy mind and calm inner self.

Let the inner self and mind be unperturbed by worldly events and let us be guided by the God's voice of intuition and intellect and use it to the best and work smartly hard to overcome and finally win every situation in life keeping our bod,senses, heart mind and soul centered at the lotus feet of our Guru and Eastha devas. Pls bless us . Pls have mercy on us, Please bless us with peace , calm nature. Take away our worrisome nature and worries , lust,anger, tension, lack of concentration, mindfulness in the present, memory loss, weak memory and mind , lethargy, and other mental evils. Pls bless us ohh lord. Heal us , Repair us. Bestow ur mercy. Unfurl ur merciful nature. Jai jai shri ram!!!!!!!

Devotee Speaks:

Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!!!!!! Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!!!!!!

Ohh Anjaneyar, pls accept my bowings on behalf of my entire clan including my ancestors.

We seek mercy at your feet and seek your blessings in our journey to conquer our bad habits and shortcomings in us

Ohh Hanuman, please bless us with a very Positive and Optimistic attitude , self confidence , thought process, perfect thinking abilities ( analytical ,logical and leadership) , problem solving capabilities. Please bless us that whatever may be the situation in life our approach to life and situation is perfect and leads us to peace, happiness , material and spiritual progress.

Please bless us with the skills, competencies and capabilities to be a material and a spiritual success.

Please cure us of our shortcomings in mental aptitude, thought management, thinking and

analytical abilities. Let us tread every situation with calmness and caution and win over it

using your given capabilties and with faith ,patience, persistence and self confidence
keeping our senses, body , heart , mind and soul centered at the lotus feet of our Eastha devas and Guru.

Please bless us. we need it badly. we are sorry for not being able to nurture it. the problem

is with us only. But we are working hard to develop this but have failed over the years.

please have mercy on us and guide us through the highs and lows of life.
Please bless us with smart hardwork.

Please bless us so that we overcome mental and physical lethargy and work with

dedication, focus and persistence and achieve our material goals and vision .

Please bless us with material stability proper cash inflows and savings

Devotee Speaks:

Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!!!!!!

Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!!!!!!

Ohh Anjaneyar , pls accept my bowings on behalf of our entire clan including our ancestors.

We seek mercy at your feet and seek your blessings in our journey to conquer our bad habits and shortcomings in us .

We feel that we need this basic skills to live a peaceful life in consciousness of Guru and God

while succeeding in our material engagements and have a minimum level of material stability

Please bless us with a excellent sharp memory, Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, entire absorption in the present task in hand, Hope, playfulness, mindfulness and compassion.

Please bless us so that we assign each and every task to our subconscious mind and

be very effective , efficient individuals.

Please bless us with Positive Subliminal conditioning and creative visualization.

Bless us with the creativity and passion so that we find creative solutions to every problem

we face.

Please bless us . All i am asking is skills competencies and capabilties to be able to lead

a successful material life with divine consciousness and awakening and keeping our heart

soul mind at the lotus feet of our Guru and Eastha devas .

Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!!!!!!

Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!!!!!!

Devotee Speaks:

Oh God please forgive me for all stupid things done by me. I hurt my beloved. please help him to come out of feeling of sadness and heart broken state. Please bless my family members and forgive me. I am very guilty. Please delete all the bad memories from the minds of all concerned members of this matter and give peace of mind to all members so that we live life again with full of joy and happiness. Jai Shri Ram.