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jab se mai es gyan ko prapt kiya hu meri dimag se bahut sare sawalo or bhrantiyo ka nash ho gaya hai .es gyan ke samne mujhe sab kuchh jhuta lag raha hai.aap dhany hai bajrangbali aap jaisa bhakt koe nahi hai sansar me jai shri ram.

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First of all I want to say a BIG thankyou for this huge step.

I want to pray to god Hanuman to provide me a Healthy & Happy life for my family Mother, sister, sister husband, sister son, me with positive thoughts & thinking, with Good Job, give me a presence of mind, give me power to learn, give a good life partner, direct me to right path to be a success person in life.


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"Continued from .....# 511713"
Lord Hanuman
Getting failure in significant aspect of life…… Got in to Debt of Money….. Tried to achieve but failed in almost of all stages. I understood it must be my earlier Bad Karma. But due to this my wife and son also getting suffered with me. Don’t know whether in this life span I can be able to come out of my misfortune?
I realised there is only one way, if Maa Durga मेरे अस्तित्व को शुद्ध कर दे… Hence I Pray Lord Hanuman to Help & guide me to get this Impossible(for Human being) task completed.
Waiting for Blessing from Lord Hanuman.

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First experience I had is when I was doing a Pooja at the alter and as soon as I closed my eyes the apple flew out of the alter and landed on me.
Second experience my family and I was coming back from a trip, reaching my house at around 1 son and wife said oh my god..we just saw hanuman..I took it lightly..throughout the months I came to know and visited a very very old secluded hanuman temple at the same spot they saw him.since then that has been my constant visit.
3Rd experience. I never dreamt of any gods..nor remembered any if I did.however when I woke up it is still clear in my head, I was going up some steps into hanumans cave, and saw his troops coming down the steps amd I still kept climbing the steps to see him in the cave.i woke up.
4th experience. My dad have been dreaming alot about him since I started praying to hanuman dad was worried at one point of my declining biz and family life, hence he prayed and went to bed.he dreamt a group of monkeys surrounding him by his bed and a big big monkey was sitting next to him and he was stroking his soft and amazing fur...explained my dad.

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While reading through the 13 th Chapter I experianced unknown Ananda and Blessings of Hanuman and Lord Venkateswara on me.

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20 जनवरी 1985 को मेरा जन्म हुआ, और आज मेरा ३१ वा जन्मदिन है। दादी ने बोला की जन्म लेते ही मैंने जय या जय श्री राम बोला क्या यह सत्य है? यदि ऐसा है तो राम जी का अनुग्रह मेरे ऊपर कई जन्मो से है?

रामजी कृपा करें और मेरे प्रियजनों की जो मुझसे अपेक्षाएं हैं उनको में प्रभु आपकी कृपा से पूरी कर सकूँ,आपके सानिध्य के साथ। ....
आपके चरण कमलों का आशीष लेना है प्रभु !


।। राम।।

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Dear Hanuman,


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I ws watching mata vaishno devi live bhajan on t.v dis evening..Nd meditating Ram in mind..felt some kind of vibration in mind therefore closed my eyes..Nd begun to think about only Ram..I felt some vibes connected with mind vibrations..soon felt like weightless..there was nothing except vibes in mind..Those outer vibes pulled inner vibes out of mind through head..I felt as if going out of me, Myself.. I got scared nd opened eye..
feeling so light..
What ws dat?..I don't know..I hv no clue about dat..

yet it feels I know Wt it is..

I hv asked earlier too..Wt exactly these feelings r..I hv questions..BT it feels I know answer too..whereas I don't know...Ummm I know BT Wt!!??!!
Plz convey..soul bhakti to lord hanuman ji


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Once when I was angry and hateful inside for some issue, in dreamtime I read and felt lord hanuman advising me bhagvad sanidhya for 3 days, once I woke up, I thought I can read bhagvad gita, that is the best way for bhagvad sanidhya for me

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है मारुति नंदन, में जब भी आप की आराधना करता हूँ, । रोम रोम आपको समर्पित करता हूँ। मुझे आपका आशीर्वाद सदैव प्राप्त होता है, आपकी निरंतर क्रपा बनी रहे, यही कामना है। जय श्री राम।

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मेरा इन सब चैप्टर्स को पढ़ कर यही एक्सपीरियंस रहा ह की हनुमान जी का एहसास हमेशा मेरे सतह रहता ह जब भी में उनके आगे सर जुखाकर बैठती हु तो मुझे फील होता है की हनुमान जी का हाथ मेरे सर पे है वैसे चैप्टर्स को पढ़ कर इंसान के मन में जो भी प्रशन होते है उनके उत्तर काफी हद तक उसे मिल जाते है. जैसे की हनुमान जी ने बताया की अगर आपको पूरा उत्तर मिल जाता है तो आपके लिए किरण के दरवाजे बंद हो रहे है .और हमे कामनाओ के बारे में भी पता लगा की हमे बुरे और अचे सपने क्यों आते है .जिन बातें का हमे मतलब भी पता नही होता उनका पता लगा है हमे. को धनयवाद जिनकी वजह से मुझे हनुमान जी के पास और उनकी कृपा पाने में हेल्प मिली.

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Thank you so much Lord Hanuman ...i did not know about this Setu Hanuman ..i should thank my brother in law who told me about this website. I have started reading the chapters just now and i feel i am blessed .. i can share this information with my husband and children.

Oh lord please always keep the bhakti of God alive in me and my family always.

Jai Shriram ..Jai Hanuman

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Coming from a South Indian Brahmin family, I am inclined towards aadhaytma. but was never so serious, sometimes i would question the very purpose of praying when i was mentally disturbed. but agian would come back to my senses and start offering prayers. even though i expect nothing out of offering prayers i do feel my body lighter when i am done offering prayers.

my dad tells me to chant hanuman names daily though i have not taken it seriously. i do chant sometimes but no as a routine.

Let me be Honest with you. Previously i had no idea that SETU.Org had existed. I accidentally came across this this organisation. One thing that caught my eye was the organization website had not external links or whatsoever. It claimed that they are operating directly under the guidance of Lord Hanuman himself.

I randomly subscribed to the organisations website hoping to receive news letters from the organization having no idea what was in store for me.

Initially i thought i was some charity organization but when i started getting letters from the organization and i started reading it i was at first amazed to actually read the contents and started questioning myself is this real. Days passed and i constantly read your mails and think about it. trying to analyze slowly where do i exactly stand now. I know that i am not a pure soul who can at one instant attain moksha form the cycle of life and death. but my sense of self evaluation has reached new level after reading chapters sent by the organization.

I have been to many expeditions based on peoples words about miracles of god and all such stuff but in reality have not experienced first hand. only my belief grew stronger but i tend not to show my belief in front of all and restrict my belief to myself trying to read more and more and enhance my understanding.

while i am writing my experiences i am feeling like butterflies running in my stomach. i dont understand why it is happening but i do believe it is for a good outcome sooner or later.

i do feel only time will make me realize my mistake and correct it and the news letters from this organization help me develop my personality to become a complete human being.

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हनुमान बाबा !!!
सम्‍पूर्ण वृहद् ब्रह्म (त्रिदेव / तारक ब्रह्म) मेरे समग्र दैहिक, आत्मिक, वैचारिक और समस्‍त विकारी अविकारी आवरण को अस्तित्‍वहीन करते हुए समस्‍त 'मैं' से मुक्‍त करते हुए, इस तरह से परमात्‍मा में एकाकार कर लें कि कि मेरी देह का श्‍वास मेरा विकारी प्रयास न होकर अविकारी परमात्‍मा का ही श्‍वास हो ( वैसे पूरा ब्रह्म जब सॉंस लेता या छोड़ता है तो वही श्‍वास किसी भी जीव या अजीव का भी होता है ) लेकिन विचार या मंतव्‍य अभिव्‍यक्‍त करने के दौरान यह 'मैं' तत्‍व लाना पड़ रहा है ।

हनुमान बाबा !!! बस अब इस जीवन के दौरान या बाद किसी भी दु:ख सुख या विकार को भोगने का मन या साहस नहीं रखना चाहता यह जीव। ऐसी कोई इच्‍छा या विकार- इस देह के स्‍थूल / सूक्ष्‍म अतिसूक्ष्‍म या परा देह, मन चित्त यानी लिंग या कहूँ ज्‍योति-पुंज (अस्तित्‍व-द्रव्‍य या किसी भी शाब्दिक/अशाब्दिक रूप आकार) के किसी चेतन अवचेतन में विकार रूप में उपस्थित या अनुपस्थित रहे तब भी नहीं । वर्तमान देह में ही रहते इस सम्‍पूर्ण विदेहमुक्ति को सम्‍भव कर दीजिए चिरंजीवी, अष्‍ठसिद्ध नवनिधि के दाता, राम-रसायन रखने हनुमान बाबा !!
मुझे पता है यह संभव है, आपके लिए तो बिलकुल संभव है हनुमान बाबा!!! क्‍या सटीक मंतव्‍य है मेरा, यह भले ही मैं अभिव्‍यक्‍त न कर पाऊँ सही शब्‍दों में, लेकिन क्‍या आपसे छुपा है कुछ भी ?? या आपकी पहुँच से परे है कोई विचार या विकार भी ??? समाधान करिये प्रभु !!!

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Dear Lord Hanuman

I have been working with one of your helpers "Hanuman Das Siddha" for several months in order to mitigate the challenges I have been facing for the last 3 years. Please have mercy on me and help me to start earning a regular income so that I may clear all my finanicial debts. SHow me the way to become financially free, and please send me my twin soul (my partner in this life) so that I may progress from my current situation which feels like a locked cage. Please please help me.

Devotee Speaks:

Dear ALL,

This was an experience I had few years back. May be 4 years has been passed since then. It was a silent afternoon and I was alone at home reading some book about meditation/philosophy. I did not realize when I fell asleep but I clearly remember feeling as if I am pulled into darkness and I do not have any power to get out of it. The only thing I do was chant Hanuman's name asking to help me out. This is when a miracle happened!

I saw a shadow of Hanuman (With one arm in Blessing pose and holding Gadhe in his left hand). The darkness around me vanished instantly and I felt like someone telling me "I am with you".

I do not know how to express this feeling but that is the day I realized my prayers are heard by my beloved Hanuma and he came in my rescue.

Just wanted to share this with you all.

Hope someone can give a better, deeper explanation of my experience.
Thank you - Jai Bajarang Bali!

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helped me in every needed time of my life.

Devotee Speaks:


My name is ********** and I am in deep financial problem right now. I have sacrificed many thing in life but who have taken favour from me has made me to suffer more in life. Even my mother is not with me. They are least bothered about me, they are only concerned with my sisters, apart from that they have no world. I am staying with my wife and daughter.
I am in deep financial problem, please show me the way to come out of financial burden and lead simple and happy life. Please take care of me from now onwards.


Devotee Speaks:

Please accept my gratitude for strength, courage and understanding filled with compassion on this journey with my husband who is experiencing heath issues like being on dialysis, diabetic, vascular problems and other health issues.
Presently he is in the hospital he had vascular surgery which is very painful. Please include him in your prayer for a speedy recovery with the ability to use his legs soon.
Thank you for your prayer and many many blessings of good health, happiness, peace and prosperity to the fullest.
Thank you Hanumanji!
Thank you Hanumanji!
Thank you Thank you.

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Hey prabhu Laxmi Narayn bhagvan, shivji mata parvti aur Paramsatta se meri aatma ne jhan jha jis jis vansh me janm liya ho unke aur mere kiye pap karmo ke liye kshama mang lena..aur prabhu aapka sannidhya aur Prabhu Ram aur Shyam ki bhakti mang lena..kyoki bina bhakti ke moksh kaise mil sakta hai...