Shiva Yoga by young Lord Ram in Tadaka’s forest

Shiva Yoga by young Lord Ram in Tadaka’s forest

Seventh session of Charan Pooja started at Brahma Muhurt on second day of Sakshat Hanuman Pooja. Yajman of this session was a Mathang man called Pranava. His soul was purified by Lord Hanuman by telling him Lord Ram’s Leelas in Tadaka’s forest.


Lord Hanuman told, “O Mathangs, when Lord Shri Ram came of age, Rishi Vishwamitra got the honour of initiating Him into the work He had taken birth for. The two elder princes of Ayodhya, Ram and Lakshman, left the comfort and safety of their palace and headed for their first direct encounter with the Asurrahs.


“The royal chariot dropped them off at the boundary of kingdom from where they walked barefoot like Sanyasis do: their feet touching the Earth lightly as though kissing it, their mind fully in the present moment and completely free from any thoughts about future or past. Days and nights rolled before them like a welcoming carpet as Rishi Vishwamitra told them stories from the world of the Rishis and the Gods.


“One afternoon, as they resumed their journey after having day’s lunch, they felt something unwelcoming about the sky ahead- unusual and ominous deep-green clouds were visible at the horizon. Lakshman’s hand involuntary reached his quiver. Shri Ram remained calm but alert.


““You see those mysterious clouds over there?” Vishwamitra offered to calm their anxious curiosity, “Those are not clouds. Those are trees – trees of Tadaka’s forest. That forest is one of our destinations in this journey.”


“As they moved further, they realized that the impression of the dark clouds on the horizon was created by very dense and tall trees covered by the dark sky over Tadaka’s forest. Their steps had suddenly become brisk as though something was pulling them towards the forest. Lord Ram noticed that the path to the jungle, right through the thickets of young trees and bushes, was suspiciously clear: there were no thorns or twigs to watch out for.