Lord Hanuman talks about King HarishaChandra and the Moksha Yajna

Lord Hanuman talks about King HarishaChandra and the Moksha Yajna

After completing Arpanam for yajmaan Kaaljita, Baba Mathang motioned her for Prasadam proceedings, only to find her in a state of trans, oblivious of what was happening around her. Baba Mathang smiled nervously at Lord Hanuman, took 4 long hurried steps to reach Kaaljita, and put his warm hand on her forehead. Her body shook, as though she was hit by a thunder light. She struggled to stand on her feet, clambered her way towards Lord Hanuman, and knelt down with her head bowed beseechingly. She did not utter a single word but expressions on her face were that of a person begging for her life. Though there was no danger to her life at that moment. She was sitting at the safest place in the mortal world – the holy feet of the immortal Lord Hanuman.


Then what was she begging for? Lord Hanuman seemed to be aware of her thoughts. He was relaxingly smiling at her. The warmth of His smile finally melted the blockage in her throat and words spurted out, “O Lord, I – I seek Moksha… liberation from this cruel trap of Maya. Take away everything from me and give me Moksha. I hold no attachment to my body. Yes, I am ready to give up my body right here. If you find me eligible enough to have this Prasadam from you, then give me Moksha my Lord… I seek nothing else but Moksha.”


“That is what I am here for. To give Moksha to all of you… by way of imparting supreme knowledge to you.” Lord Hanuman said warmly.

Kaaljita said at once, “I do not seek supreme knowledge, Prabhu. I seek Moksha. There must be some faster and easier way to Moksha for lesser…”


Her voice tailed away as she noticed Baba Mathang frowning at her.


Lord Hanuman politely said, “Yes, there is a faster way to Moksha. It is called Moksha Yajna. But keep in mind, a soul can do this Yajna only once in a lifetime. Are you sure you want to exhaust this option right now, and not keep it for future?”