Attaining Godhood: The full story of Devi Renuka (Yellamma) revealed by the immortal Lord Hanuman

Attaining Godhood: The full story of Devi Renuka (Yellamma) revealed by the immortal Lord Hanuman

When the ceremony of Arpanam was completed for Yajman Kshanak, Lord Hanuman said, “O Kshanak, I am happy at the way you have surrendered your unsettled Karma. Do ask, what do you seek as Prasadam?”


Kshanak’s reply was no different than other Mathangs. He said, “O Lord, I seek the supreme knowledge which helps a soul transcend to MuktiSagara and begets Moksha.”


Lord Hanuman said, “O Mathangs, in Kaliyuga most souls of MaanavLoka are bound to a single body. Each one of the souls have a body which they call as their ‘own’ body. Apart from that body, they have other things which they call as their own. For example, ‘my land’, ‘my family’, ‘my partner’, ‘my possessions’ and so on.


“In  Satyuga, there was no such ownership. Everything belonged to everyone, including the bodies. For instance, if a soul desired to enjoy being in a woman body, it could enter into one of the available woman bodies. When the desire is fulfilled, it could switch to another body as per its new desire.


“Satyuga ended because souls started claiming ownership of bodies. There was a soul called Vena. It had occupied the most handsome body available. Because of attachment, it did not vacate that body for many years. Sages approached Vena and said, “O Vena, if your desire of occupying most handsome body is fulfilled, please vacate this body so that other souls who desire to occupy this body can fulfil their desires.”


“Vena replied, “O the respected sages, my desire hasn’t been fulfilled yet. I desire to stay in this most handsome body forever.”


“The sages asked, “… and what makes you believe that this is the most handsome body?”


“To break attachment of Vena, the sages requested Lord Indra to create one more handsome body than the one occupied by Vena. Lord Indra, who can create anything by using the fluid of space on threads of Time, composed a handsome body as desired by the sages.