Birth of Lord Ram in Maanavloka: the full story revealed by the immortal Lord Hanuman

Birth of Lord Ram in Maanavloka: the full story revealed by the immortal Lord Hanuman

After a short break, fifth session of the Charan Pooja started. The Yajmaan of this session was a Mathang man called Kshanak. Before he could be eligible enough to offer his Arpanam at the holy feet of Lord Hanuman, his soul had to be purified. Lord Hanuman bathed his soul with the following words of wisdom.


Lord Hanuman said, “O Mathangs, as I told you, Asurrahs don’t have their own bodies. They attempt to enter in any body-mind they can, and use it to fulfil their evil desires. They are cursed souls which are responsible for downfall of humanity from Satyuga to Kaliyuga. In Satyuga, they were trapped in AsurLoka which is located in an invisible layer above the surface of earth. Then they started ejecting themselves from Asurloka one by one and came down to MaanavLoka. This started happening in Tretayuga and their numbers in MaanavLoka have been growing ever since.


“Asurrahs are an unorganized force by themselves; they would cancel powers of each other and have nett zero evil effect on this world. But their master Shukracharya, who is enemy of Lord Vishnu, organizes the power of Asurrahs to destroy this world.


“On the other hand, Lord Vishnu mitigates the force of Asurrahs in order to save this world. If the need be, He Himself comes to MaanavLoka as an avatar and fights the force of Asurrahs.


“At one point of time in Treta Yuga, Shukracharya’s Asurrahs managed to capture an entire kingdom called Lanka. That means, body-mind of all citizens of Lanka were now driven by Asurrahs. The united force of Asurrahs was growing stronger by the day. Their strength was reaching to a point that only Lord Vishnu could dismantle them. He had to take avatar as Lord Rama. And He had to do it fast.