What is reality? The immortal Lord Hanuman explores

What is reality? The immortal Lord Hanuman explores

After a break, fourth session of the Charan Pooja started. The Yajmaan of this session was a Mathang woman called Janakirupa. In order to purify her soul, Lord Hanuman spoke the words of wisdom as follows.


Lord Hanuman said, “O Mathangs, I am going to tell you story of a devotee called Sulochna. Now she is a wise middle aged woman but in teenage she was an ordinary innocent girl. Her mother was a sincere devotee of Shri Vishnu. Therefore, protection of her mother and her family was my responsibility.


“A human body-mind is most vulnerable to Asurrahs in teenage. Asurrahs try to capture first body, then mind, then intellect and ultimately Sanskara. If Asurrahs capture Sanskara of a person, that person’s body-mind become permanent home of Asurrahs. Then it becomes almost impossible to get rid of Asurrahs. If we compare a person with a kingdom, then Sanskara of the person is like the main fort of the kingdom. If that fort is won, kingdom is won. In teenage, that fort is under preparation. Therefore, a teenager is most vulnerable to attack from Asurrahs. That is the time when a human being starts developing independent ideas. That is the time when Asurrahs attempt to plant their evil ideas in a human mind.


“Sulochna was also an ordinary teenager. She befriended a man who was basically an Asurrah in body of a man. That man lured her away from watch of her parents.


“O Mathangs, you must note here how Asurrahs work. That man was completely under control of Asurrahs. That means, his body-mind-intellect-sanskara was completely under control of Asurrahs. They (Asurrahs inside that man) saw an innocent teenage girl. They saw it as an opportunity to do evil. So one of them jumped out of that man’s body-mind and entered into Sulochna’s body-mind.