The secret of Existence: how a woman can give birth to as many as 60,000 children

The secret of Existence: how a woman can give birth to as many as 60,000 children

When Baba Mathang finished the ritual of Arpanam for Yajmaan (host) Charita, the moment of Prasadam was observed. Lord Hanuman asked Charita, “O the innocent one, I am pleased with the devotion with which you offered your Karma in the form of Arpanam. Do ask what you seek in Prasadam.”


Charita secretly wished for a child. She was trying to conceive since last several months without any success. She could not gather the courage to express this wish before Lord Hanuman. The words which finally came on her lips were, “O Lord Hanuman, supreme knowledge is what all we Mathangs seek. Bless me with the knowledge which leads to Moksha (liberation of soul).”


Lord Hanuman smiled. He knew her unexpressed desire. Dissolving the desires is what brings a soul on the path of Moksha. Hence Lord Hanuman made it a point to tell something which could either dissolve her desire or fulfill it in such a manner that it does not lead to more desires. He looked towards Urva, a young Mathang man in his 20s, who was sitting quietly in the assembly.


Lord Hanuman pointed his hand towards Urva and asked all the Mathangs, “O Mathangs, how do you know that a man called Urva exists in this universe and he is sitting among you?”


A wave of fear gripped Urva’s mind as Lord Hanuman challenged his existence.


Urmi, a girl in her 20s, who was Hotar of the Pooja ceremony, stood up. It was her job as a Hotar to facilitate the discussions in the Pooja so that Lord Hanuman could impart the supreme knowledge to Mathangs. She replied, “O Lord, I can see Urva from my eyes. I can walk up to him and touch him. I can speak to him. I can hear what he says. I can interact with him in many ways. That is how I know that he exists out there. That is how all of us know that he exists.”