Makardhwaja was not His son, reveals the immortal Lord Hanuman

Makardhwaja was not His son, reveals the immortal Lord Hanuman

Prohibitory Note: This chapter is from the prohibited section of Mathangs’ logbook. DO NOT READ IT IF YOU HAVE NOT UNDERSTOOD FIRST 7 CHAPTERS COMPLETELY.


When the 6 Brahmanas returned back to the Hanumandal after distributing the Arpan fruits to Vaanaras, Lord Hanuman spoke to the Yajman Basantha, “O Yajman, I am pleased with the devotion with which you surrendered your Karma in the form of Arpanam. Do express what you seek as Prasadam.”


Yajman Basantha stood up. First he thought to ask for the lost gemstones but immediately changed his mind. With his hands folded, he asked, “O Lord, supreme knowledge is the only Prasadam we Mathangs seek. Bless me with the knowledge which leads to Moksha.”


Lord Hanuman smiled. It was not clear whether He smiled over the expressed wish of knowledge or unexpressed wish of gemstones. He said, “Sit down O Yajman at your place.” When Basantha sat down, Lord Hanuman addressed all Mathangs present in the Hanumandal. He said, “I am going to tell you the episode of Ramayana (Lord Ram’s deeds) which only blessed humans can understand. I am going to tell you about the Paatala episode of Ramayana.”


Everyone in the HanuMandal was looking curiously at the Lord. Hotar Urva’s curiosity knew no bounds. He stood up and said, “O Lord, I always wanted to understand the Paatala episode but Baba would always refuse to tell it saying that it is prohibited. O Lord, What is so special in this episode that it is prohibited to be told?”