The history and mystery of 33 Crore Surrahs revealed by the immortal Lord Hanuman

The history and mystery of 33 Crore Surrahs revealed by the immortal Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman had appeared before all the Mathangs in separate incidences so that now all of them knew of His arrival. The last Mathang to know of His arrival was Basantha, a man in his 50s. Late in evening Basantha came running towards the camp. With a heavy breath he was shouting, “Lord Hanuman has arrived on our land…. Lord Hanuman has arrived.”


Other Mathangs already knew of Lord Hanuman’s arrival but they were not able to speak about it. When they heard Basantha’s voice loud and clear; they also shouted, “ho… ho… Lord Hanuman has arrived.” They all gathered around Baba Mathang and Mata Mathang.

Baba Mathang declared, “Yes, Lord Hanuman has arrived on our land after 41 years and the holy Charan Pooja shall begin at dawn.”


Preparations of the Charan Pooja were already complete because they were expecting Lord Hanuman’s arrival anytime soon. All of them were individually collecting fruits for Arpanam and other required things for Pooja. Baba Mathang directed them to keep calm and go to sleep after finishing daily activities.


All the Mathangs went to sleep except Baba Mathang and Urva Mathang. After midnight both of them went to the spot chosen for Charan Pooja. It was a circular area in the middle of which they had built an altar and few feet away from there they had built an Aasan (sitting arrangement) for the deity (Lord Hanuman.) At the periphery of the circle they had placed clay lamps. The rule is to fill those clay lamps at midnight with special oil. Baba Mathang had collected this special oil from various herbs. The composition of this oil is a secret between Baba Mathang and Matha Mathang. Baba and Matha have to pass this secret to Urva and Urmi at right time.