The immortal Lord Hanuman teaches how to fly out of body

The immortal Lord Hanuman teaches how to fly out of body

When Urmi woke up, she saw Lord Hanuman in front of her. She had seen Him in her dreams few moments ago. This made her think that she was still in her dreams. Lord Hanuman told her that she is not in her dreams anymore and that He is standing in front of her near her village where she had come to collect firewood.


Sitting in the holy feet of Lord Hanuman, first words which came on Urmi’s lips were, “O Lord, you are very fast. You were in the SwapanLoka a moment back and now you are here on Earth! Travelling from SwapanLoka to Earth within a moment…!”

“So are you!” Lord Hanuman smiled, “you were also in the SwapanLoka a moment back. And see; now you are here!”

In response, Urmi uttered few words but Lord Hanuman did not listen to those words because He sensed presence of Yama (the God of death) nearby. Ashwins were standing behind Lord Hanuman. They went near Yama and started speaking to Him.

Lord Hanuman was standing still and Urmi was sitting in His feet unaware of what was happening around.

Ashwins asked Yama, “O Yama, what is the purpose of your presence here? We do not see anybody on their deathbed here. Then why are you here?”

Yama replied, “O the doctors of Gods, I am here because Urmi is going to die now.”

“What?” The Ashwins were shocked to hear this. They said, “Urmi is perfectly healthy and none other than Lord Hanuman is standing in her protection. Then how dare you come here? She cannot die.”

Yama replied, “Destiny of Urmi’s soul is to experience death now. I am here to witness the experience of death for her soul. You can check her Karma diary from Chitragupta or you can ask Lord Vishnu Himself. Her destiny is that, she will die after meeting Lord Hanuman. She has met Lord Hanuman just now. Now is the time of her death. I will wait till Lord Hanuman moves away from her. I do not think Lord Hanuman would obstruct what is destined for her.”