Hanuman Leelas

These are Leelas performed by Lord Hanuman when He came recently to meet Mathangs in year 2014. These are deciphered by Setuu Masters from logbook of Mathangs. Those who read these Leelas sincerely will definitely move towards Moksha. The supreme knowledge contained in these Leelas cannot be found anywhere else.

Once the ritual of Arpanam concluded for him, it was time for Yajmaan Pranava to ask something from Lord Hanuman as Prasadam. Like other Mathangs, he too sought the supreme knowledge which leads to Moksha.


Lord Hanuman started His post-Arpanam talk with a question. He asked, “O Mathangs, I told you Lord Ram’s Leelas in Tadaka’s forest. Can you tell which power was used by Lord Ram to dismantle the fortress of Tadaka?”


Yajmaan Pranava replied at once, “Shiv Yoga, my Lord.”


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It was the eighth session of Charan Pooja hosted by a Mathang woman by the name Dayani.  To purify her soul, Lord Hanuman spoke, “O Mathangs, I want to start this talk by sharing an anecdote from mother Sita’s life.


“Mata Sita once told me that when she was 10 years old, she heard someone talking ill of her father Janaka. 


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When the Arpanam was completed for Yajmaan Dayani, Lord Hanuman asked her what she liked to have as Prasadam.  Dayani, like other Mathangs, asked for the supreme knowledge which takes a soul towards Moksha.


Lord Hanuman spoke, “Dear disciples, watching Lord Ram’s and Mata Seeta’s marriage is the most joyous experience a devotee can have.  I go back in time and watch it very often.  Today, I want you to watch it through my eyes.


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