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rolli saxena
mangalmurti maruti nandan sakal amangal ,always be with us and accept my prayres
jagannath nayak
Let there be peace in humanity and all other beings in the world. Jai Pavansuta Anjaneya. Thanks Setuu.
Surendra Yadav
जय श्री हनुमान जी , सादर चरन स्पर्स बाबा द्वारा कहे गये प्रत्येक शब्द बहुत ही मार्मिक तथा सरगर्भित है
Bindu Grover Chhabra
Pranam to hanuman ji. Thank you setuu for making these experiences available to us. I am feeling lightened.
Sankalp Saxena
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Hanumanji and Sai for my Business is Blooming by your grace. I am by your mercy!
Vikash Pathak
Without your presence we are nothing thanks for your Ashirwad,please mantain your Aashirwad on usJai Sri Ram
Kanupuri Sekhar
Narender Malik
I ask for forgiveness if I have done any Bad Karma knowingly or unknowingly in this life or my past births.
Vishal Mahajan
Words can't express my gratitude. Thank you Setuu for connecting us with immense powers of Shri Hanuman.
Bhupendra Giri
JAI Sri Ram, I am indeed blessed by Bhagban Ramchandra family and Lord Hanuman. The reality of Lord is felt.
Sreekumar Krishnan
Thank you Lord for this experience!
Sudeesh P
My Dear Lord, I am thankful for your grace and light you showed me and my family. Give me divine knowledge.
Rajagopal Veer
I am a small devotee of Hanuman Shri. And He accepted my prayer. Thank you Sethu,, Mathangs... Jai Hanuman
prafulla agrawal
Ram Pratheeban
I am blessed and I am expressing my deepest love and gratitude to you Lord Hanuman.Aum hum Hanumathey Namaha
Shubham Sethi
Blessed to read the Leelas by Lord Hanuman, my worldly desires have started fading.O Lord, accept my prayers
Asha Srivastava
Thank you for helping me establish my own business Hanuman. You helped me overcome my fear & step ahead
Arvind Bhargav
I am grateful to Lord Hanuman for all the blessings in my life. Jai hanuman
Jag Pal Sharma
very very thanks to to provide us Connection between God and Human
Ajay Gulati
Thank you Lord Hanuman. You have always protected me and my family. Please continue to shower your blessings
Beena Sharma
आज मैंने मातंग और हनुमानजी के बीच का संवाद पढ़ा हम हर शनिवार सुन्दरकाण्ड का और हनुमानचालीसा का पाठ करते हैं
Jag Pal Sharma
जय श्री राम..जय हनुमान हनुमान जी की कथा को पढने के बाद ऐसा लगता है, आत्मा पर कोई प्रकाश की किरण पड़ गयी हो
Tulu Lenka
Jai Shri ram. I am very lucky due to blessings of my almighty Lord Hanuman. He saved from critical situation
Akshata Babade
Positiveness is started my Lord Hanuman bless me..make my dreams true and forgive me for my bad karmas..
Umashankar V
Its the Grace of Bhagavan Sri Ramana that I am able to go through the chapters. Jai Sri Ram ! I am Blessed.
Ashok Shukla
Jai shri RAM Jai shri Hanuman I want to give my body and soul on your feet.Kindly bless myfamily Ram Ram
Deepak Choudhary
I prayed to Him after reading the chapter... & next day I got call confirming that I have got franchisee
Deepa Thalikar
Lord Anjaneya, pl accept my gratitude & be with me always. Forgive my unknown sins & guide me. I m ur child.
Ranvijay G
!! Jai Hanumaan Ji !! Thank you all of you for sharing such nice Information and special thanks to Matang.
Pragalbha Tyagi
This precious information if imparted to the young children has the power to uplift the world.Omjai Sri Ram
jaspreet kamal
Jai Ram Sri Ram Jai Jai Ram..Jai Hanuman.. Thank you lord for your presence in our lives
Pushpendra Chouhan
Thank u lord for guiding me and giving dharshan in my dreams
Girish Jadhav
Thank you Hanumanji for everything i have and everything i had in past.
Dhruvil Dashgriv
Jab Maanav ho Agyaan, tab Gyaan de Hanuman; Jivan sab ka safal ho jaaye, jo padh le Setuu Gyaan. JaySiyaRam.
Lisa Sen
Sincerely Hope He Would find a way to liberate my soul from illusions of material desires . Jai Gosai .
Om Hum Hanumathe Namah !..Thanks a lot Setuu for connecting me with My Lord Anjaneyar
Neeraj Singh
Queries and answer from devotees give immense satisfaction It is Gurukul. Thanks Setuu. Shri Ram
Naga Shankar
lord Hanuman has been the protector to me and my familyI can see his grace in our life.Jai Hanuman
Amit Kumat
I am an ignorant devotee of yours. Please impart the knowledge so that I never deflect in this false world
Abhijit Janve
Thank you for answering my prayers.I hope i will become pure enough to get ur Darshan in this lifetime.
Anbu Devan
Lord hanuman, please take all my karmas. I surrender myself to you since all the things in the world are you
Deepa Thalikar
Thanks for listening to my prayer. I surrender myself in gratitude & faith to Thee. Pl be with me, O Deva!
Suniel Tadka
Thank you Lord. My dad is out of danger ,please shower your blessings on all of our family .
Umasree Parvathy
Thank you for todays darshan and for reducing my stress. Thank you for keeping my family safe healthy happy
Shanta Brijlal
Thank U for taking care of my husband and bring him home. Please give me your blessings to do the best I can
rabin singh
Aapke dwara jo gyan maine anubhav kiya hai wo main sabdon meon nahin vyakt kar sakata. dhanyabhagi hun.
Lord Hanuman thank you so much for everything, thank you for blessing our world, my family, B'atude and me.
Sanchayta Agarwal
Prabhu, thank u 4 giving Darshan. Thank u for making my kid strong enough to endure wheezing problem.
Narendra Kanteti
My wife kanthi got a interview from DRDO. I am ur servent my lord hanuman. Shower ur grace on our lives.
rajat sareen
Hanuman ji ki njai ko, thank you very very much lord hanuman,mujhe apni sharan me lene ke liye... thank you
Shreeram Deshpande
After reading 3 chapters i am blessed with a good job in foreign. Jai Hanumanji. Thanks for this miracle.
Parul Deb
koti koti pranam aapke ashirvad ke liye.
Jayashree Raveendiran
Thank you for accepting my prayers. Please remove all obstacles in life for me to be happy. Jai bajrang bali
uday desai
Lord, Thank you for always protecting me and my family! Please do take care of all of us and bless us always
Umashankar V
Deeply devoted to Anjaneya Swami my Dearest Lord ! I ardently adore his Strength, Humility & Bhakti. Namaste
Sunil Paramatt
Spiritually enlightening....
Rahul Tandon
I Express my Gratitude & Thanks Protector & Saviour Lord Bajrang Bali ji.Always Blessed me & my Family.Jaiho
Møhît Küm-r
Thank you hanumanji for everything please always show your blessing toward me and my family jai veerbajrangi
ravi kant
ज्ञानामृत के लिए कोटिशः धन्यवाद...।मेरा जीवन कृतार्थ हो गया। आपको नमन है जो इस भक्तिमाला के माध्यम बने।
ANand Naidu
Gratitude to the immortal Lord hanuman and the blessed matangs for sharing the leelas of the Lord with world
Karthik Subramanyam
Jai Shri Anjaneyar Swamy. I am a speck of dust for the infinite powers of Swamy. I prostrate in gratitude,
sunitha kondakindi
I feel blessed. Am seeing positive changes in my life after i read the chapter1. Jai Hanumaan.
Arun Tripathi
I had vision of Lord Hanuman after reading about His journey in Mathang tribe. I offer my prayers.
Shart Sood
I observed his blessings and expect more in future.. oo maruti nandan bless us all...
Priti Das
koti koti pranam pavanputra shri hanumanji for blessings to my family.
B V Rao
Our Lord Hanuman is Kripa Sagara .I surrender at His Charan.
Vikas Meena
I have done many wrong things in life. But now I want to tread path of Bhakti. Give ur refuge & bless me
Supriya Bhat
thank you god for helping me in tough time and feels protected everytime.
Ankush Sharma
Thanku Veer Bajrang Bali for helping me sail through tough times. Please accept my prayers. Jai Shri Ram
Harsh Vardhan
Lately, I was in distress because of property issues and Lord Hanuman ji has helped me a lot. Gratitude.
Jayakrishnan Nair
Jai sriram-Pavansuth Hanuman ki Jay-always my saviour in all my perils
Mohit Bhesaniya
Glad to know some facts which are unknown to whole world till yet. Thank U so much for everything Hanumanji.
Aarush Rabha
Jai Shree RAM,o lord bless us with ur presence in our heart & protect us frm everything tht can take us away
Nivi Ranjani
I am always grateful to you dear Lord Hanuman. You have my love, respect & devotion for eternity. THANK YOU.
Rohan Bowlekar
Adbhut... Bhram ke parda hatane keliye ... Ye atma prabhu Hanumanji ji se jodane ke liye bahot bahot aabhari
Suresh Venkata
Jai Hanuman! Bless my family always.Thanks Setuu for providing this opportunity.Jai hanuman ! and Jai sriram!
Anil Kadagathur
i was stressed with my financial position . After paying for fruits, i was in a trance, what i don't know.
kavita manuwal
Thanks lord hanuman for everything. I feel blessed e day.Jai Shree Ram
Puneet Vasishta
Thank you my Lord for giving true spiritual knowledge. Keep removing all obstacles in my life.
Mayur Pandya
Thank you Lord Hanuman. You have always protected me and my family. Please continue to shower your blessings
Ashwini Gupta
Grateful to Lord Hanumanji for His Benovalence.
vaghela amita. p vaghela Anita. p
Jay shree Ram thanku hanumanji apki puja kerneke bad mere jivanme bahoti hacha fark pada he thanku. .....
Manesha Patel
Thank you hanuman dada for listening to my prayer, please bless us that it will work out for the best
rohit kumar
Almighty hanuman ji thanks a lot to save me and bring me on the way to u.......
Aanirbann Dutta
Thank You Lord Hanuman for your Blessings. My deepest gratitude to you Lord.
Madhu Sharma
Shivakumar Thota
I will always be thankful to LORD Hanuman. He has been protecting me for the last 30 years.
Sridevi Jaganathan
Thank you Setuu
Ramya Mathesvaran
I prayed for my younger sister. I express gratitude for fulfilling her wish & bringing happiness 2 my family
Suman Das
I am eternally grateful to Lord Hanumanji...I a achieved evrythng in my life by His Grace.Tha you Hanumanji
Hemamitra Seribalamurugan
Om Anjaneyar swamy. Thanks & gratitude for blessing me. I am much better now & discharged from hospital.
Mayukh Sinha
Hey Prabhu, you are so kind that you fulfill all wishes of your bhaktas in every way. I humbly bow to you.
Vijayalakshmi Lovina
Jai Sri Ram! Thank you hanumanji for the guides in my life. I'm a blessed soul to have your presence in lif
Ishank Chaubey
Yes,I have experiences many positive changes in life after connecting to the immortal Lord Hanuman.Gratitude
Manikandan Remo
Hradesh Saini
mai bahut hi sukhad anubhab kar raha hu ki mujhe apke dwara adbhut gyan ki bate pata chali.
Nidhi Gupta
Thanks hanuman ji for listening my soul's voice. Thanks for your help love and guidance. Thanks for blessing
Sunil Garg
Thank you for listening my prayer Lord Hanumana. Jai Hanuman Gyan Gun Sagar.. Jai Kapeesh Tihu Lok Ujagar
Vaibhav Charaya
i am feeling very peaceful after listening the stories of Setuu
Rupanjali Dutta
Jai Shri Sankatmochanhari Hanuman.You gave me peace in my life..Please give my twin daughters your blessings
sudhanshu sharma
Felt nice, after Charan Pooja of Lord Hanumaan.Thanks a lot HANUMAAN JI. I am successful beacuse of YOU.
Preetam Trivedi
Prostrations Hanuman Baba on behalf of my family.. particularly my son... for protecting him. Thanks Setuu
Satyesh Singh
I got peace in my mind after taking knowledge of this latest event ,prabhu make always your blessings on me
Sanjay Sharma
I am always thankful for all the blessings and offering my prayers to Lord Hanumanji Baba. Jai Shree Ram
He hanuman, anjaniput, ramdut, rudrarup Aapka khub khub dhnyvad. Aap hamesh mere sath rehna. Jay hanuman
Parv Gupta
My prayer has been listened. Thanks for helping me purify my soul, Setuu. Jai Veer Hanumana.
Anirudh Kulkarni
I have already felt your blessing. You know my needs. Please bless me and my family, save us for the life.
Aditya Chandra
You shower your grace one me limitlessly, by deciphering my needs. Thank you!
Rohit Jain
I just want that lord hanuman ji clear all my illusions so my mind and body achive peace and i get direction
Mamta Sharma
Thank You Hanuman Ji for always helping me. Bless me with Your devotion. Forgive me and Solve my problem
Nalini Agir
Thanks SETUU you ppl are doing great service by bringing Sri Hanuman closer to al of us.
Deepali K Kesarkar
Everything good is happening after connecting my soul with Lord Hanuman. My heart is filled with gratitude
Anjali Yadav
Great to read gratitude messages of all devotees. My wish is for all the devotees. May everyone be happy.
Prasadhargovind Prasad
Jai Shya Ram jai Hanuman,Thanks for bringing some level of peace in my life.bless me with Moksha. (कालतंत
sreeharsha gadagkar
Thank you Guruji Hanuman for fulfilling my career aspiration. Eternally indebted devotee
Mohit Singh
yes. i am feeling blessed thank you my lord. jai maa SITA,jai shree RAM,jai HANUMAN jai shree RADHEKRISHAN
Dr Harcharan Singh Paul
I am the greatest sinner on this earth.Kindly forgive me my revered Sankatmochan Hanuman Ji
Suresh Babu
This is Suresh from India offering my humble prayers. Please bless me Baba Hanuman. jai Siya Ram Chandra Ki
Vimala Reddy
I am happy in my simple life. Plz change behavior of my colleagues towards me Hanumana... I offer prayer.
Arti Singh
Ram ram thank you so much prabhu for making me read these chapters..definitely life will change for the best
Geeta Moza
Jai Sri lord hanuman.i am just an atom in a sand particle and express my gratitude for your kripa.
neena mehta
i am very grateful to you hanumanji for giving this most valuable knowledge of the world.
Sai Jaswanth
After reading the first chapter and offering fruits via donation we are blessed with a baby boy recently.
Vamsi Krishna Thota
I am blessed & grateful. His presence, boosts my confidence. Jai Hanuman Thank you!
Shyam Bagaria
Thank you hanuman ji for your blessings on me,my family and all my friends and relatives. May you return.
Anita Vaid
Hanumanji apki kripa hamesha muje milti rahi,kotish dhanywad.apni kripa bnaye rakhnamere Ramjkomeriram ram
shiva shankari
Lord Hanuman is easily approachable and there is no prayer to Him which is ever left unanswered. Jai hanuma
Nandesh Kuttappan
Thank you lord....Keep showering your love and blessings perpetually....
Gayatri Kumar
Feeling so blesd aftr readng 15 chaptr cant describ in my deluson b desolvd in thy presenc hanuman
Shashank Gupta
By your grace I Feel that I will do good things and reading chapters here have made me feel good.
Shantanu Shukla
I always believed lord hanuman's physical presence with us in this world and now grateful to experience him.
Rahul Sharma
Very eye opening discourse between Mathangs and Lord Hanuman. I felt empty for a moment & then fulfillment!
Neha Sone
Oh Lord Hanuman. i always feel blessed by your guidance. Please keep me blessed.
Devender Shekhawat
Gurudev ko pranam.i want to thank you for being with me ,showing the truth .please promise be with me always
Deepak Tanwar
O Lord Hanuman,thanks for giving me a chance to learn about your leeleas and giving me brahmgyan
Nivi Ranjani
Dear Lord , you are the embodiment of purity, innocence , wisdom, confidence, courage & selflessness. - Nivi
Yukti Agrawal
Thank you GOD for all knowledge and enlightenment. I am grateful to you for evrything you have bestowed upon
Naveen Krishna
Jai sreesitaram harekrishna,Vaishnavottamuda ,chiranjeevi,I'm happy today bcoz of u,bless my family fries,re
Anu Anitha
Thank you Hanumanji ,,, I have cleared my final year BDS feeling blessed it's all because of Ur blessings
Ashish Bagh
No one in this world will be as grateful as me ri8 now..............JAI JAI JAI BAJRANG BALI
Virendra Shekhar
Bless me Lord hanuman & Thank you for always helping me. Jai sri Ram, Jai Hanuman
Abhishek Chauhan
Jai Shree Hanuman. I thank lord Hanuman to be there always to keep us on the bhakti marg peace be 2 all
Amrish Majumdar
Hanuman ji bless me with a lead role in a TV show of prime time channel,just as u blessed me with cont role.
Shriwas Shivam
I am a big devotee of Shri hanuman. Thanks for the opportunity to read His recent Leela. jai Mahaveer
Dinesh Venkat
Thank you Setuu and thank you my lord. Thank you for everything happening to me.
Rani Virdee
Thank you for bringing some positivity to my day
bijay singh
Lots of Thanks to Setuu who gave me great opportunity to know the Real Truths. Jai Shriram.
Manju Parwani
I offer my prayers on behalf of my entire family baba hanumana.Thank u for protecting us always from trouble
Supriya Bhat
thank you guruji for your blessings on me.expressing my grattitude and keep your blessings on me always.
Parth Trivedi
I just remember hanuman dada and my almighty lord gives me darshan somehow I need to identify him. Bless me.
Ashish Chandra
Got immense spiritual insights after reading chapters from log book of Mathangs. Thanks Setuu. Om Ram
Mukesh Hiranandani
Jai Shri Ram.Oh my dear friend Hanu..Thanks for being there always..Thanks for keeping me away from troubles
Pratosh Bhattacharya
Bless me to do all right things till I live & achieve Moksha from this mortal life,soon! Jai Bajrangabali
Lord Hanuman is the real source of spritiual energy. Thnks to connecting me with real source of energy.
Nayana Prabhakar
My humble pranams to you Sri Anjaneya.. Thank you for every blessing you have showered on me!!
Manu Sharma
I have always felt less fortunate in life. But this is opened my doors of luck. Problems r vanishing fast.
Vijay Rathore
Our generation is fortunate to have at least got the signs of presence of immortal Hanuman in Kaliyuga.
Manjari Singh
I feel enlightened. Thank you.
Resmi Prasanth
Jai hanuman, By reading I'm feeling I'm a part of it and want to know Linga Shastra..
Sharmila Rangaraj
Guru ji,Thanks for helping me purifying my soul.koti pranam.Jai Hanuman. Jai Shri Ram!
B V Rao
Gratful to Lord Hanuman for the with Prasad of Divine Knowledge.Thank to Setu and Mathangs.
B V Rao
Jai Hanuman-My Guru Hanuman ji is with me and and guides me through my life.Saranam Hanuman Saranam.
Devika Tripathy
PrabhuKarunamayHey BajrangBali, "I" don't exist and just the dust of your lotusfeet my entity is.KotiNaman
Jaishree Srinivasan
Hanumanji thankyou for being with me and helping me at the time of difficulty accept my humble pranams
DrPankaj Pathak
By Reading each Chapter i am feeling closer to shri hanuman he hanuman kripa karke is sansar ka rahsya khole
Neeta Sharma
Thank Yoy Karunamayi for the divine blessings and knowledge. Help us understand ur signals better. ShriRam
Geetha Ramana
Wonderful lesson learnt. Thanks lord Hanumanji :)
CA Aloke Singh
Arun Kumar
I am a big devotee. Accept my prayers too Lord Hanumana. Pranams.
Shalu Kushwaha
Thanks for all your help and support.plz forgive me for my wrongs.I'm grateful to you & alwyz feel u near me
Pankaj Sharma
Thanks a lot Hanuman ji jai bajrang bali..ji for new visions and a new birth with new uniqe n prosperois way
It's heart touching experience while going thru the facts depicted in this story will wait future episode
Shanti Boinepally
Thank you! for everything.. Please be with us always Anjenaya! and keep us out of trouble!!
Rohit Sharma
Thank uGod for everything. I know I'm thankless person . But please forgive me n my family and. Bless us. Sh
Shrikant Iyer
Thank you Sakha for everything. Thank you is a very small word. myself and family will always be thankfull
Dhananjay Upadhaya
Reading Lord Hanuman's Leela with Mathangs opened my spiritual eye. I feel so blessed.
Sangeetha Gopinath
Thank you Hanumanji for everything. Please Bless us all ! Please make this world pure at the earliest.
biprendra upadhyay
Jay Sri Ram, Jay Sri Hanuman ,Jay mathangs. Thanks setuu. I surrender myself to your holy feet.
Srinivas Kshatriya
Jai Sri Ram. I'm truly blessed to read the chapters sent by Setuu.May Lord bless you with the wisdom.Thank U.
Naveen Chandra Bollam
Thank U Lord Anjaneya, I feel so lucky to get your Blessings Swamy. & I lucky to View Hanuman ji ki Mantra.
Deepa Thalikar
O Anjaneya Thee are the ONLY truth, all my problems got diminished in THY presence. Jai Sri Ram, Jai Hanuman
neena mehta
प्रभु कोटिकोटि प्रणाम।इस अद्भुत ज्ञान के योग्य न होने पर भी जो कृपा आपने मुझ पर की उसके लिए चिरकृतज्ञ हूँ।
Charan Akkiraju
I seek nothing materialistic but the highest knowledge from Lord Hanuman. Thanks Sethu for opportunity
Veeravalli Sundaresan
many thanks LORD HANUMAN. My issue earlier, is getting solved, with a help of a total stranger surprise.
Nilanjan Dutt
I feel so lucky to get your blessings Swamy Anjaneyar. Please be with my family always.
Neeta Sharma
Jai Shri Ram. Ab samajh aa raha he ki bhagwaan kaise rahesyamayin tareeko se hamari raksha karte hein.
Aanirbann Dutta
Its with your grace Lord Hanuman that I have the opportunity to read the chapters and pray to you.Thank You.
Amit Sharda
Thanks for choosing me my Hanuman Ji for giving this great knowledge.
Vaibhav Verma
I had a vision of you sitting on a tree while I was walking by.. then u disappeared.I am lucky 2 get Darshan
Vaishali Joshi
I feel very confident that I will crack this exam this time for sure. I need your blessings always Hanumana
Murali Alichetty
When i'm at hard time with no job, Lord Hanuma helped me to get the good job, now i'm well settled & Happy!!
Manish Dixit
Jai hanuman g! I hv got unknown positivity in life after setu's involvement
patel chirag
mene jabse setuu ke adhyay padhana shuru kiya he....tabse jivan se dukh,dard,dar sab chala gaya he...moh bhi
Karthikk Chellappa
Thank you for bringing some level of peace in my life. Bless me & my family with more peace and happiness.
Abhishek Dahale
I'm grateful to you O Lord Shri Hanumanji.Your Blessing are with me as I always feel your presence.Thank You
Ramana Reddy
When ever I started to read bhakti maala then now I got good job , I turned my life Jai Shree Ram hanuman
Manjula NairKurup
I have been Lucky! Thank you!
Ravish Singhvi
Hey Ishwar, Hey Chiranjeevi Datta, protect my family always from unknown problems resulting from our Karmas
Surendra Yadav
thanks ... setuu ke santoo koo .... jai shree ram ... jai shree ram
Mayukh Sinha
I love you Lord Hanuman the great devotee of Lord Shri Ram. My faith in you has strengthened. Jai Shri Ram..
Guruprasad Natarajan
I am feeling blessed today with your words. Thank you very much Lord .
Roopa Marisiddappa
You know every emotion of my heart Swamy Anjaneya. I need not express. Thanks for saving me from problems.
Manish Raj
Problems of my life have started vanishing. Thanks for offering prayers for me Mathangs. Jai Veer Hanuman
sudhanshu sharma
Thank You my lord for showering blessings on me and my family
Nikhil Sarathy
Thank You Lord. You are the subtlest form that exists and the ultimate realization. Jai Bajarang Bali.
sridhar shankar
Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman is the only answer to our daily problems, surender to him and he will heal u
Naveen Chandra Bollam
Thandri Sri Anjaneyya,thank u for saving my life,give complete security to me & and my family Upcommingchild
Mukti Jean Kuster
I pranam to my beloved Guru, thank you for Shri Hanuman Janmotsav Deeksha you bless my world OM SAI RAM RAMA
Raajputra Pratap
हे बजरंगी मेरे तीनो काल को आप प्रभावित कर के रक्षित कर रहे हैं ज्ञान रुपी निर्मल जल से आपने मेरा मन धो दिया
Raajputra Pratap
हे गुरुदेव !! मैं का नाश करने के लिए सतत मेरा मार्गदर्शन करते रहे हैं आप , ये आत्मा सदैव आपसे जुड़ी रहे
Swathi Seeram
love you for making me more positive and strong day by day.Jai Ram Jai Hanuman Jai Seeta Ram
Krishan Suman
Jai Shri Hanuman We are living with the grace of your Asheerwad and protection of Prabhu ji
Jitendra Singodia
Lord Hanuman is our isht. We all are under his sharann. Immortal ,I pray to keep care of all of us always .
Supriya Bhat
After reading chapters feeling your presence every moment in my life.I feel secured even more. Thanx Lord...
Papu Nath
Offering my gratitude to Lord Hanuman, I say, I have found the path of purifying myself.
Oh,Blessed Lord,Going through your Advices itself is a Wonderful Experience,bringing Positive Energy.
Lalitha Sridhar
Varun Khanna
Thanks for showing us the way to connect to real immortal Hanuman. I take first step towards purity of soul.
Karthik Manivasaagam
felt like crying after reading this.JAI HANUMAN.Make us free from all the SIN. Help us to become pure soul
Keerthi Narayan
Jai Bajarangi!!!Hw nectar tastes to d burning buds in a tongue so is ur preachings to d scarred soul of mine
Mayank Mittal
wow... I learned about duality of this world from the first chapter. Lord Hanuman has come 2 enlighten world
devendra jain
Dhanyawad setuu. .jinhone mujhe asli gyaan ki bareekiya samjaakar meri bhakti shudh karne me madad ki..
anjana challa
Swami. Thank you for always protecting our family. Pranams.
Kapil Sharma
Jai shree hanuman,hey prabhu aapja aashirwad muj par bna rahe or dhanyawad settu team jo hmare tak gyan mila
anup agrawal
Thanks for unfolding the mysteries. It's thought provoking.. Deep down I have felt it. Jai Shri Ram.
sakshi malik
Lord Hanuman ji you have helped me every stage of my life and now you gave me this Brahman gyan.thankusomuch
Surendra Verma
Hey Shree Hanuman ji, Thanks for your blessing to me and my family And being with us always.
Sandeep Verma
Jai Shri Ram. Jai Bajrang Bali. He is the only savior. He brought me out of a huge mess in my life. I bow.
Ashma Phadnis
Thanks for bringing positive changes in my life. Accept my sincere prayers and always shower your Blessings
Sandesh Sinha
I prayed for my ailing dad who is big devotee of Hanuman. My prayer has been answered. Thanks & Gratitude.
Sahil Sharma
Thank you setuu masters , mathangs and Lord hanuman
Heena Arora
I can't express my gratitude in 108 chars. Thank you for the BIGGEST Happiness of my life Anjaneya Swamy.
Swathi Seeram
you making more positive and strong day by day and am liking this refreshing change in me,love you loads.
uday desai
Thank you Lord Hanuman for saving my life and protecting my family.
dakshina verma
Thank You Shri Hanuman G being there for me. Kindly dissolve me into the sacred fluid of your devotion.
Kevin Chauhan
I am feeling very positive. I have got some job offers. Thanks for accepting my prayers. jai Bajrang Bali
Srikanth R
O Hanuman! You have given me maturity & strength to see this World only as a material yet with divinity. OM!
Sanjay Kumar
When something bad happens in our lives, then we realize futility of this fake world. Ram is only reality.
Nihar Ranjan
I am Hanuman devotee since years but after reading about His recent appearance my faith has become multifold
Arvind Kumar
I prayed for my family.I express gratitude for fulfilling my family wishes & bringing happiness to my family
Aadi Sharma
I was insecure about future.Lord Hanumana gave me power to face interviews fearlessly & I am through! RamRam
Nivi Ranjani
Dear Lord Hanuman, thank you so much for always protecting my dad & keeping him safe. My hearty gratitude.
Aarti Panwar
Lord Hanumana accepted my prayers & I got the visa I was trying for for many months. Prostrate in Gratitude
Ankita Priyadarshini
I only want to thank You, my Lord, for giving me this opportunity to read your own words and purify my soul.
Raghunath Gowda
Anjaneya oh my lord, you brought happiness in my life, please bless me to keep worshiping you always.
Priya Nadesan
Reading 1 chapter of Lord Hanuman's Leela here is as soul-purifying as 108 Upawasam. Feeling Blessed.
Siddharth Cdo
Congratulations to sethu on its attempt to connect us mortal beings with the immortal lord hanuman. Ram
Jai Hanuman |Ram| everyday when i prayer to my lord Hanuman ji i feel that Hanuman ji save me always.
Manjari Singh
Thank you,
Devendra Devu
Lord Hanuman, I have read 4chapters of ur journey. I have learnt many things. Please keep everyone happy ...
Lakshmi Santhanakrishnan
Thanks setup for connecting me to hanuman. I find calm and solace in mind after reading the chapters.
Manjit Singh
My soul is yours Lord hanuman. You have blessed on me. I am very thankful to you lord
Kartik Krishnan
Jai Hanuman Pranams at your divine feet Pls always protect my family and me from all doshams, evils n sins.
Sobhanadri Jonnalagadda
Miss you Lord Hanuman.
Saswat Tripathy
!!JAI SRI RAM, JAI HANUMAN!! Thank You Lord HanumanJi Please make always your blessings on Me & My Family...
Trilok Jha
There are no words to express my experience with Hanuman ji, I am feeling him in every movement of my life.
Abhishek Moda
Nidhi Gupta
Thanks a lot Lord hanuman always be with me with your guidance. Ram dutay hanuman raksha karo
Vipin T Balakrishnan
Hanuman is greatest Yogi of all time. Even a single ray of His power coming to mortals like me does wonders.
Rohit Gajera
The lord hanuman's best story................................. ************************** ****************
Nayana Prabhakar
Thank you for everything my lord Hanumantha.. Jai Sriramachandra
B V Rao
Hanuman Ji is my God and Protector of my Family and Children. Jai Hanuman ji I am grateful to you forever.
Champa Bositsumune
Thank you shri Hanumanji for your miracle today. Aisi Kripa bnaye rkhna mere BABA
Usha Balakrishnan
Thank u my lord for curing my daughter from backpain &disc prolapse. Please protect her & guide 2 right path
Ashutosh Bansal
thanks for guidance
Neetu Jackeeray
Give my family blessing and wisdom Shankatmochan hanuman ji. Jai hanuman
veena shetty
jai shree ram, thank you very much for everything you have given me veena
Mahesh gupta
Jeevanjaneya, you always blessed me in difficulties. Give me opportunity to do your puja each day.
Shweta Sohani
हे हनुमान जी , कोटि कोटि प्रणाम , आपने इन २० अध्याय के माध्यम से मेरी आत्मा को शुद्ध किया है धन्यवाद्
Sachin Gurnani
I owe my whole life to Lord Hanuman.I don't need to ask anything frm Him. I offer my humble prayers.
Veena Deepak
Thank you very much Hanumanji for coming in different ways in our life and protecting me and my all family.
Hemant Naik
Thank you Hanuman Beera for my daughter got a higher paying job with this new company and taking care of us
Nitin Jadhav
I have read all 9 chapters and find my self extremely blessed with this divine knowledge. Jain Hanuman !
Rakesh Kumar
I cant thanku enough for giving strength to my mother in long period of illness. Thanks 4 listening my prayr
Anukampa Rawat
I did the advised sadhna on mahashivratri &felt somethng change. felt extremely light. Thank u Hanumanji.
Venkata mente
You have fulfilled all my dreams and sincerely thank you for all that u have done.
Anu Wadhwa
I was so scared when I started my internship. Now everything is amazing after connecting with Lord's powers
Priyana Sagar
thanku lord hanuman for protecting me and my dear ones and stay with us in our heart always!
neeharika singh
Siyavar Ramchandra ki Jai, Pawansut Hanuman ki Jai, I thank lord Hanumanji for all his love and blessings.
Vivek Puja
This is great honor to me that i have a part of this community, & i wish only is soul says Jai Siya Ram
Arjun YH
Thank you Anjaneya Swamy for your blessings on me. Please bless my family with good health.
Upender Reddy
Jai Anjaneyar Swamy. I feel gratitude for all the happiness u have bestowed on me & my family. Prostrations
Siba Ranjan Biswal
Glad to share my experience that, All my desires are getting fulfilled with out any issue and hurdle ...!!!
Vishwa Nath
I ask for forgiveness for all the bad things I have done in my past life and present life pls forgive me
Vikas Mittal
Hey Prabhu... help me fulfill my dreams and make my parents happy. Help me choose the write path in life.
Shweta Iyengar
I am happy to Connect directly to Lord Hanuman.. I have been Positive after reading this.. Please bless us..
Vinay Bathini
Jai Hanuman With the supreme knowledge through you I am rediscovering my higher self am gratefulbe with me
Garvit Arora
From childhood I am big devotee. I feel blessed to have His Darshan now. Jai Sankatmochan Hanuman
janhavi rai
happy birthday hanumanji from me and my family and im thankful for everything
Vamsi Krishna Thota
Thank you Swami. Thank you Setu. Thank you Mathangs. Jai Hanuman.
Neeta Sharma
Thank You Hanuman Ji for blessing us. Please help and guide us through out. Jai SiyaRam
Deepak Agrawal
oh my lord hanuman baba.. thanks for showing me the right path of my life. jai shri ram , jai veer hanuman.
Arun Kumar
Ooooo Veer Hanuman, i feel blessed with your presence. please help me out of all dangers ahead.
Tushar Bhatia
Felt very fortunate to connect with lord Hanuman deeply.Will dedicate my entire life to worship u.. Shri ram
Rajashekar Rao
JaiBajrangBali Thank you for clearing chaos in my life. My career family and health are good now. Thank You!
Rachakonda Rajkumar
Divya Kapoor
Thank u Lord for your words of wisdom.
manojit chakraborty
Om Shree Hanumatey Namah, Jai Shree Ram, thank you Lord Hanuman ji, thank you setuu masters
Jagannathan Rajagopalan
Anjaneya! Pl bless my wife with good health and wealth my kids excelling in their education and profession!
Preetam Tiwari
My hearty gratitude to immortal Lord HANUMAN JI who always bless his devotees in allsituations.JaiShriRam!