know about Mata Durga

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respected setuu masters,
your chapters all the times brings us more closer to the reality.where we are living,what we are doing looking like a play and reality is something different.Now I find myself more doubtful about myself.what is to be done,how I can make myself able to find my lord? these questions make me more restless.I find that what I am doing in my life is waste.But I am a soldier so can't quite my service.planning for Sadhna after my retirement.sir I need your giidelines.please help me,so that I can find myself and purpose of my life.
sir, one more question please tell us about Mata Durga.holy festival of Navratri is allready making us blessed and I want to the facts what Mahaguru Hanuman told about Mata Durga.It is my humble request.I have heard many things but I believe mahaguru.please let me be blessed with his kripa.

Setu Speaks: 

Divine Soul,

We are mortals doing the holy work assigned to us. Therefore, do not seek our guidance, seek guidance of Lord Hanuman. Keeping reading His words, you will find the way.

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