heart felt gratitude to setuu masters, the whole mathang community, Lord Hanumanji, Supreme Lord Rama

The Experience/Query posted below was posted by a devotee/Sadhaka.


My salutes to the Supreme Being Lord Ram, Lord Hanuman and all the Divine setuu and mathang souls!!

(1) As a child I always wondered who I am and why I am, what the universe is and why there is happiness or sadness. I have anticipated for some of these answers from some point in my life, I dint have a peace of mind at all after that. My existence din’t make sense to me. Everything around me stopped making sense. I yearned for the answers, an invisible force guided me to my answers, it was like the universe was putting me in places to get me the answers, which led me on to the spiritual path. And it was this force that led me to setuu website. It is a blessing from the Divine Lord, I got peace of mind after I started reading the words of Hanumanji himself from these chapters. I always felt getting lighter or nothing at all after reading a chapter. My friends tell me I look much more happy now. I see the difference in me, I am not who I was. I am lighter, more happier and complete than before. My heart felt gratitude to setuu masters, the whole mathang community, Lord Hanumanji, Supreme Lord Rama and the entire universe for this Divine work. Thanks you!!

(2) Most of the questions I had have been answered, but I have a few more questions. Kindly, answer these questions for me. It has been explained by Hanumanji in previous chapters, how, why n when souls raise out of Muktisagar, but what was the first instance of a soul raising out of Mukti sagar and how could it have occurred? There would have been no suras and asuras then, how could have people generated good/bad karma? When did the first kalpa happen? How did this cycle of kalpa come into existence? Shukracharya, asuras and all good and bad come from the supreme lord himself. He is the creator. He must have lead to the start of all of this. What is the purpose of all these? Is this a plan for a greater progression?

(3)In previous chapters, Hanumanji said there are several worlds and each of the worlds are different and some are higher (shiva loka, vishnu loka, Brahma loka) and only the worlds closer to our world affect us. In the recent chapters, he said we have many parallel universes co-existing at the same time. What is the exact relation between these worlds and universes?

(4) The world around me and every aspect of it is very much real to me, and that is what is conveyed when end of kaliyuga is mentioned, but Hanumanji also says it is all an illusion/maya. If its only an illusion, it should be modified in a second right? Why does the Supreme Lord have to come down himself to change things? Then, is the maya described only individualistic, restricted to the way one perceives the world, and not including all aspects of existence? Are the effects of maya on an individual soul and the collective consciousness different? If an individual breaks free of this maya and attains liberation, the world would still continue to exist as it is, but does this single soul leaving effect the world anyway? I am not able to comprehend the extend of the maya. Can it me explained further?
Or, is my the thought process flawed here? my mind expects a start and end to everything, it wants everything to be linear, is this an aspect of maya, and I am not able to perceive the truth beyond the constraints of the mind?

(5) I have been meditating for past 9-10 years and I had these instances in life, when I have foreseen or fore-thought something happen and it happened. It was a different state of mind, a more grounded and connected state, thats how I perceived it. But, I never could fully get a control of the state. These instances happened more when I meditated regularly. But then, when I stopped the meditations this skill vanished away. I understand Kamadhenu cow such a state of the being, or the state of the realization of maya. Am I right? Or, am I misinterpreting these instances?

My apologies for such long para, and for the poorly framed questions. I couldn’t put them in a better way. The whole idea of maya is elusive to my mind.

Thanking you in advance,

Setu Speaks: 

Divine Soul,

In MuktiSagara, concept of TIME doesn't hold. So 'first' or 'last' doesn't make any sense in Muktisagara's perspective. For example, your soul can go to Muktisagara now and see an event which happened millions years ago (from human perspective) happening in MuktiSagara right now. We humans are used to concept of 'Time'. You need to go beyond Time to be able to witness events happening in MuktiSagara. From human perspective, there is no first. It is a cycle. There is no end and no beginning. You may find a beginning only to discover that it is just another point in the cycle. You may stop exploring and call something a beginning. But if you keep exploring, there is no beginning.

You have read about higher worlds wrongly. Shivaloka, BrahmaLoka and VishnuLoka are different. Patala and Vyahritis are different. Lord Hanuman has called 'Vyahritis' as higher worlds and 'Patalas' as lower worlds. Only 7 Vyahritis above us are perceptible to us. Only 7 Patals below us are perceptible to us. For sake of our observations, we can say that there are 7 Patals and 7 Vyahritis. But actually they are infinite. To visualize this, you may imagine that you are in a mysterious room which has doors in all 4 directions + doors on the ceiling + doors on the floor. You can exit from any door and you will get into another world. And there is no end thereafter. You may keep on going and you will find no end. If you exit from the doors in the ceiling, you are going higher. The worlds which exist beyond those doors are 'higher worlds' or vyahritis. Similarly the worlds which exist beyond the doors in the floor are called Patals or lower worlds. The doors in the 4 walls of the room lead to parallel worlds.

the words you have written in paragraph 4 should be meditated upon deeply by you. These are divine words which show that you were in a very high level of consciousness when you wrote them. Here is a hint which will help you in sailing in correct direction :
Suppose you do not have any identity. You are in complete darkness. Then you happen to find a box. You open the box and discover a identity and whole universe which comes with an identity. Within a second you start identifying yourself as a human which is in MaanavLoka where Lord Vishnu is expected to come for welfare of the world. When you close this box again, you again lose everything and go into complete darkness. You forget about humans, MaanavLoka, Lord Vishnu and everything. You are in that box right now. Lord Vishnu is the power which helps you realize that you are in a box. You have written this paragraph by the blessings of Lord Vishnu. If you manage to come out if this box, it will be thanks to Lord Vishnu. Coming out of this box means attaining Moksha.

Kaamdhenu is when you don't come out of the box but get the ability to jump from one box to another.