Happy Hanuman jayanti

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Dear Settu,

Sai Ram
Jai Hanuman

Today we are celebrating Hanuman jayanti here, in Andra & Karnataka. It is said that Hanuman met Mata Sitadevi in Ashoka vana on this Vaishaka suddha dashami.(jai Sri Ram).
I was not able to go to temple as I was on my 4th day of my menses. Instead I read Hanuman chalisa at home 5 times. I heard here from the mainstream society that 5 is the number for Hanuman. Like offer him any fruits in 5, coconut 5, and so on. So I recited Hanuman chalisa 5 times :)
Hope I have also joined you today in your upasana :)

Hey Anjaneya Hanumaa Ramabhakta remove the fear of death O Lord
Make my heart your residence.
Let at every blink of my eye I feel only you. Jai Hanumaa, Jai Sri Ram.

With gratitude and devotion,