He is alive since ages...

When human beings try to fulfill their desires and achieve their goals, they always face obstacles. Very often they think, “Why has God made this world like this? Why can’t human beings fulfill their desires without facing obstacles?” God doesn’t answer questions directly. He answers by giving demonstrations. One such demonstration was given by Him many centuries ago. A prince called Shri Ram of Ayodhya kingdom was wandering in jungles of south India in search of His wife Seeta. She was abducted from the jungle. While searching for her, Shri Ram met Hanuman who had super human abilities.

Upon meeting, Hanuman immediately realized that Shri Ram is incarnation of God who is out to give a demonstration to entire humanity. Hanuman devoted Himself to Ram and joined His mission of searching and bringing back Seeta. Many obstacles came. Finding Seeta, building an army to counter Ravana, building a bridge to reach Lanka, saving Ram’s brother from death -- Hanuman removed all the obstacles. This way, God demonstrated that where there is obstacle, there is obstacle-remover too. This obstacle-remover power in this world is Hanuman. Shri Ram told Hanuman, “O Hanuman, you will live in this world till the end. You will remove obstacles of all human beings who have full faith in me (i.e. God).”

He comes to meet them every 41 years ...

No matter what you call that supreme power- Ram, Krishna, Vishnu or simply God -- if you have full faith in Him, He sends Hanuman to remove your obstacles. There are two kinds of obstacles-

  1. The obstacles which come when you pursue something worldly (i.e. you want to fulfill your materialistic desires)
  2. The obstacles which come when you pursue God (i.e. you want to attain Moksha.)

When you pursue something materialistic, Shri Hanuman comes to remove your obstacles as an invisible power. But when you pursue God, the obstacles faced by you are different. To remove those obstacles, Hanuman comes in visible form.

In Sri Lanka there are some tribal people called Mathangs who pursue nothing but God. Their only purpose in life is to attain Moksha (freedom from cycle of death and birth). Lord Hanuman comes to remove their obstacles too; the difference is that they can see Him with their eyes and can talk to Him. He comes to visit them every 41 years and stays with them like a guest (Recently He visited them in 2014). He creates certain situations in their daily lives in order to clear blockages of their minds and souls so that they can realize God and attain Moksha. The head of Mathangs (Baba Mathang) notes down every word and every act of Lord Hanuman in a log book. This log book serves as a guide for new members of their family for next 41 years. Apart from this log book, they also chant a secret Mantra in their daily worship. When they chant this Mantra, Lord Hanuman appears before them, and they can speak to Him to clear their doubts.

You can also meet Him.

Setuu means bridge. Setuu is a bridge between you and your goals.

Materialistic Goals: If you are pursuing your worldly desires and facing obstacles in doing so, Setuu helps you in connecting better with your God. If your soul is connected to Him, He will definitely send Hanuman to remove your obstacles. Setuu Masters and ascetics are translating the log book in which minute to minute details of Lord Hanuman’s latest 2014 journey to Mathangs are recorded.You can read these chapters to KNOW your God better.

Non-materialistic Goals: If your all worldly desires have been fulfilled and now your goal is Moksha or meeting God, you can come to Setuu Hanuman Bodhi in the foothills of Piduruthalagala Mountain (Sri Lanka) to do Sadhana.

Both materialistic and non-materialistic Goals: If you are paying your worldly duties and along with that you want to pursue God, then also you should read these chapters. You will also get the same Mantra which ascetics and Mathangs chant to see and meet Lord Hanuman. You will get the first line of Mantra when you finish 3 chapters and so on.

Lord Hanuman is Immortal

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